Singapore is a pet-friendly country with over 800,000 registered pet owners. The country supports proper pet care and can sometimes be strict with its regulations. Nonetheless, they make pet parents more responsible for taking good care of their family’s furry companions.

A significant percentage of this population are dog owners, caring for canines of different breeds, ages, and sizes. Responsible dog owners frequently search for a pet store in Singapore with complete supplies, abundant stocks, and reasonable prices to meet dogs’ needs in specific phases of their lives. From nutrition and socialisation to mental stimulation, dogs need to evolve as they go through different stages in their lives. And one would have to buy specific supplies to meet them. Read on to find what one needs to buy them during their three major developmental stages.

  1. New Puppies and Young Dogs

Whether a new puppy is bought, adopted, or gifted, bringing one home for the first time is both intimidating and exciting for anyone. Even seasoned pet owners have some adjustment to make in taking care of their new pets. Every dog is unique, after all.

The most important need of newborn puppies and young dogs is getting proper nutrition and a balanced diet. A dog’s body grows the most during these stages, so its diet must contain high nutrient and energy contents. Dog owners must buy dog food rich in protein, fatty acids, and amino acids for bone growth. Many food brands are geared towards younger breeds, and it is best to purchase them for the dog’s complete diet. Incorporating fresh food is also recommended by pet care experts and veterinarians.

When dogs grow a little over two months, they can start taking treats. Their intestinal tract is stronger at this age and can carry more vitamins and calories from healthy treats. Nonetheless, owners should not overfeed them with treats as this increased caloric intake, which leads them to be overweight.

  • Fully-Grown Dogs

Nutritious dog food remains a staple in every dog owner’s shopping list. But with older dogs, owners might have to start adding toys and other stimulating puzzles. At this phase of a dog’s life, they can usually be left at home alone while their owner goes to work and fulfils errands. Due to this, dogs will need interactive toys to reinforce the bond otherwise given by their human owners. Furthermore, dogs will need exercise between 30 minutes to two hours. For this, owners should buy appropriate supplies to be able to take them out on a walk, play fetch with them in the park, and other activities that encourage mobility.

  • The Golden Years

As dogs grow old, they experience age-related health problems. Older dogs progressively lose neural and mental functions, and they sometimes lose interest in previously enjoyed activities. But this doesn’t mean older dogs don’t need any more toys. They just need something different from what they constantly play with during their younger years. One can look for such toys in any good pet store in Singapore.

So, owners should still have a regular assortment of treats, toys, and other stimulating items to sharpen their dog’s senses. Furthermore, more mature dogs need moderate exercise to help them remain fit.

Whether it’s raising them in their infant years or adopting them well into adulthood, pet owners form a life-long bond with their dogs. One way that owners can take good care of their pets is by supporting their needs throughout various phases of their growth. And with reliable pet stores in Singapore, pet parents can give the best care that their furry companions deserve.

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