A Guide to A Sales Engagement Platform
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How to Be A Sales Engagement Platform

In this high competition market, organizations need to have effective customer relationship management. Earning good revenues is always the ultimate goal for any organization. For this, sales engagement plays an important role in interacting with potential customers. It helps in streamlining all the ways of your communication in one place. When one is able to gather information from various customers, it will be easy for the organization to achieve its goals. This will help in getting clarity and then the organization can work in that systematic manner.

When the organization will be communicated from a single place and store all the related data, it will be easy to have access to it and will save time. Sales engagement platform will help in the easy achievement of the targets by shortening the sale cycle. This platform will help in tracking all the calls and emails you send which will help you to make decisions. This will track all the activities like how many messages send, calls done, emails sent, etc through which you will be able to send all the information and content at the right time. So in simple words, a sales engagement platform will help in telling you when to tap the send button. This further helps in laying down the sales plan of action and creative ideas which will boost your sales and you will earn lots of revenue. Using this platform will make you feel like interacting with many customers in a single day is not a tough job. So in a nutshell, sales engagement software will help in managing your sales force, CRM, phone calls, messages, emails, making it way more effective and smarter.

So following are some of the points briefly explained about the benefits of a sales engagement platform:

  • Supports multiple channels- When it comes to interaction with the customers, the organizations use different channels such as emails, phone calls, social media, chatbot or online conferencing, etc. This helps in driving better engagement and supports sales. This adds a personalized essence while interacting.
  • Integrates with CRM- The sale engagement software will automatically engage with the CRM which will automatically connect all the information like interactions, emails send and received, phone calls made in a day, etc automatically which reduces the need to record it manually. It will help in keeping the CRM up to date which will increase the efficiency of the business.
  • Metrics to measure the sales outcomes- This software uses sales metrics that are best to measure the overall efficiency of the sales organization. These metrics will help the sales representative to identify who actually wants to engage rather than wasting time on those who do not want to.
  • Provide reports to the managers- Sales engagement software will provide the reports of the engagements and interactions done by the sales representatives. This will help the managers to easily acknowledge the performance of the employees and make efficient teams which will work together properly.

Above are some of the benefits of a sales engagement platform. This is one of the best platforms which help in achieving the sales targets.

So if you are planning to choose sales engagement software for your organization, the following points will help you to get the right one:

  • Integration with CRM- Customer relationship management and sales engagement platform are considered best together to increase the level of sales in the organization. Effective sales engagement software will easily integrate with the third-party system i.e. with the CRM. Sales engagement software should seamlessly sync the data in real-time.
  • Features for effective communication- Make sure to choose one which has a preferred channel of communication. You can communicate through different channels like emails, SMS, phone calls, and other social media apps. This will ease the burden over the sales representatives.
  • Hold your strategy well- Every organization’s strategy and targets differ. Every organization has its own needs and set of objectives on the basis of which sale strategies are formulated. Some prefer to high-volume approach with some personalization whereas some want to add more personalization while interacting with the prospects. Choose one which matches the sale strategy and targets set. It is very much important that your sales tools should match with sales goals for effective functioning.
  • Security- Before choosing makes sure that the software provider company has a good reputation in providing security of the data and the user’s information. Make sure to know about the compliance risk if any. It is very much important to confirm that the sales engagement platform ensures safety and security to the data.
  • Easy use- It is very much important for the sales representatives to use it efficiently. For this, it is mandatory that the software is easy and convenient to use. The sales representatives should use it confidently and should adopt the platform efficiently.

So above are some of the points you need to consider before choosing sales engagement software. Also, do recognize that whether you actually need the software or not, and for that, you need to ask some questions to yourself like how much time will the system save, how much efficient will be your sales tea after using this platform, will the platform will connect with the ongoing processes, will it keep your data safe and secure, and other related questions. Always consider these questions while evaluating the features of the sales engagement platform.

Also, don’t think that sales engagement software is only for the sales representatives but it can be used by any team that interacts with customers like marketing, customer services team, etc. It will help you to add value and will make your process efficient. Also, from the CRM point of view, the sales engagement platform has turned out to be efficient as it has made it easy for the users to have access to both. The CRM data will automatically integrate with this platform and the users will not even realize using it. It will help in increasing time efficiency and sales productivity.