A Comprehensive Guide to Google Chrome Amazon Extensions for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Chrome Amazon Extensions for FBA

If you are a merchant on a stage like Amazon, your principal stress is in the event that your products are noticeable to your expected clients. ZonBase is only the instrument you should set up your business for progress. With 13 integral tools available to them, ZonBase offers Amazon sellers the right devices to prevail on this serious stage. So, here let’s know more about ZonBase and google chrome amazon extension for FBA.

What Is Zonbase?

Zonbase is an instrument for FBA vendors, and it robotizes a ton of undertakings that can be drawn out and tedious. There are many devices accessible in the market that offer comparative administrations like Zonbase, however, what goes with Zonbase a well-known decision among Amazon dealers is its valuing point and simple to-utilize interface.

A Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Chrome Extensions for FBA Zonbase:

Zonbase is an across-the-board product research apparatus. Whether you are exploring outsourcing, a stock-based online business, or a disconnected business, finding in vogue and hot products is similarly useful. So, let’s see a comprehensive guide to the google chrome amazon extension for FBA.


Zonbase has an extremely instinctive UI and an efficient, simple-to-explore dashboard. On the left of it, you will see a menu of the relative multitude of devices. They are isolated into 3 classes:


This component permits you to track down Amazon products by separating them by country, class, presets, cost, surveys, month-to-month sales, and month-to-month income. You can likewise find products by a watchword, applying pretty much similar channels as currently referenced. Besides, you can download the query items report for more noteworthy accommodation.

Product Validator:

This device approves whether a product you might want to sell in your Amazon store merits putting resources into it or not. To do it, you need to send a photo or a connection to the provider. Then, Zonbase’s Send off chiefs survey the product and set up a nitty gritty 20-point report card. 

Chrome Extension:

Zonbase’s Chrome extension permits you to find the right product for your store more quicker. Utilizing it is extremely basic as you should simply introduce it on your program, go to Amazon, and add a catchphrase in the site’s hunt bar. Then, at that point, click the extension’s symbol and sit tight for a couple of seconds for it to create the outcomes.

Photo Enhancer:

This device upgrades your product photos and transforms them into explainer photos that make more sales. To utilize this component, you need to arrange the number of photos you need to be upgraded and enhanced. Then, you send all the photos you need to be altered for any high goal. When the group alters all the photos, they send them back to you so you can transfer them to Amazon.

Hot Products:

This element tracks down the hottest products on Amazon and it’s refreshed consistently. You can likewise channel products by class, cost, surveys, month-to-month sales income, and month-to-month income, as well as pick whether you need to incorporate marked products and who is the product satisfied.

Keywords Research:

With this component, you can find the best keywords for every product you need to sell in your store. Involving the right keywords in your product listings, portrayals, and titles, you will upgrade your products for expanded permeability.

Sales Estimator:

This element shows you the month-to-month sales of a particular product rapidly and without any problem. To utilize it, you simply need to enter the product’s URL or ASIN and snap the “Following” button. On the off chance that you enter the URL, the program tracks down its ASIN. When this shows up, you simply need to tap the “Work out Sales” button. In no time flat, the number of assessed sales each month will show up right over the hunt bar.

Reverse ASIN:

This is one of the coolest elements of Zonbase as it shows you the keywords your rivals use. Along these lines, it permits you to track down their top keywords, comparative fruitful products, and the most well-known words you want to add to your title or projectiles to advance your product listing.


Everybody needs to get to the main page of the indexed lists, whether it is while looking through on Google or Amazon itself. This device assists you with arriving by streamlining your listing, planning your tweaked PPC mission, and giving you an individual mentor to help you every day.

PPC AutoPilot:

With this component, you get all the extra energy to use on different segments of your business or enjoy with your loved ones. By actuating the PPC AutoPilot, you dynamic the Zonebase Amazon PPC specialists to deal with all your PPC crusades from starting as far as possible. With that, you spend less and procure significantly more.


This component shows you the number of sales of a specific product sold by your rival. This permits you to advance a similar product in your store. Aside from keeping an eye on a contender’s product, you can likewise follow the sales of your own products to perceive how they rank for a given watchword.


This element permits you to make your own product listing and contrast it and your rivals. Likewise, it permits you to advance your listings involving the best keywords in the titles, list items, portrayals, and search terms. Furthermore, it tells you which keywords are marked with the goal that you don’t utilize them, if not, you might get obstructed by Amazon.

Listing Optimizer:

As the name of this device proposes, it enhances your product listing to support its permeability, rank, and sales. 


  • Zonbase Free Trial
  • Standard: $37/month
  • Legendary: $67/month
  • Diamond: 132/Month


The stage gives every one of the instruments a creating organization should find success in the Amazon market, including the capacity to oversee PPC, handle search positioning elements, and direct product and watchword research. The best way to outflank the opponents while selling on Amazon is to put together the choices with respect to genuine data.

For Amazon dealers, Zonbase is a genuine rich mine of information. Without going through hours perusing web research locales, you can make informed decisions about what products and expressions will be generally beneficial in the future with admittance to earlier sales information.

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Written by Joshua White


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