A Complete Guide: Why emails end up in spam and how to deal with it

Organizations in modern business environments have to look out for the best opportunities available for their competitive advantage. In the era of online business, the closer you are to your customer, the better your chances of success. How do businesses reach their customers? The obvious answer is marketing. 

Businesses communicate with their customers through various marketing channels. You must have noticed the radical shift in marketing channels with the arrival of digital technologies. One of the oldest digital marketing channels, i.e., email marketing, is an effective choice for every business. The following post helps you uncover the reasons for one of the most troublesome concerns related to email marketing. 

The Problem with Email Marketing 

Today, you have different social media platforms and an extended assortment of digital marketing technologies and practices for marketing purposes. However, email marketing continues to be one of the valuable and cost-effective marketing tools for businesses. On the other hand, email marketing has been encountering some critical issues, the most common one being authentic emails going to spam instead of the customer’s inbox. What are the reasons behind this problem, and how can businesses solve it?  First of all, you may think about the possible reasons to worry about your emails going to spam. Let us find out why businesses should focus on the issues of spam in email marketing.

Is Email Marketing Really Important for Businesses?

  • According to Statista, the number of email users worldwide will reach almost 4.3 billion by 2022. 
  • At the same time, estimates also suggest an estimate of 333.2 billion email transfers every day in 2022. 
  • Most important of all, email marketing also offers humongous ROI by ensuring an average return of $42 on every $1 spent. 
  • Furthermore, around 49% of customers have expressed affirmation for receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands. 

In addition, you should also note that around 64% of small businesses utilize email marketing to reach their customers. Explore the reasons for which online businesses work with marketing agencies today. Without a proven marketing strategy, businesses are likely to encounter many setbacks in their growth. 

Many brands deploy email marketing as a promising tool for reaching their target audience. As a matter of fact, email is one of the preferred channels for marketers to offer personalized and new content. Above everything else, many people perceive email as a marketing channel for the advantage of personalization. How can your emails go to spam when people love emails? 

Reasons for Email Going to Spam

If you are worried about the performance of your email marketing campaign, then you must identify the root cause of the problem. In most cases, the common setback for an email marketing campaign is the problem of emails going to spam. Estimates suggest that almost 50% of all emails are spam emails. 

As a result, many email service providers have introduced features for removing spam messages. Users don’t have to remove their spam messages manually anymore, and new controls by email service providers send certain messages directly to spam. Take a look at the reasons your emails are going to spam.    

  1. No Authentication

One of the first issues responsible for sending emails to spam is the lack of proper authentication. You must ensure compliance with the email sender authenticity standards for proper delivery of emails in the inbox. 

  1. Spam Words

Another common reason for your mails going to spam might be “spam words.” You may have unwittingly used spam words such as cash, save big or free gifts in the subject line. Users configure the spam channels in their email accounts to avoid messages with spam words in the inbox. 

  1. No One’s Reading Your Emails

If you have many inactive email addresses on your mailing list, then the chances of your mail being opened reduces drastically. In such cases, email channels can label your email as spam since it has remained unopened in numerous inboxes. 

  1. Problematic IP Addresses

You should also note another common issue among businesses for which their emails go to spam rather than user inboxes. The problem arises prominently only when your IP address has been used for sending spam messages in the past. Such issues are clearly evident in cases where businesses purchase their IP addresses from an internet service provider. The previous IP address users must have sent some spam messages, and your business has to bear the burden of the same. 

Best Practices for Solving the Spam Problem

Email marketing is a vital tool for the competitive advantage of your business in the existing market scenario. However, if your emails keep landing up in the spam of your target audience’s inboxes, you are less likely to obtain any rewards from the same. Here are some interesting pointers you can try out for solving the problem of your emails going to spam. 

Choose the Right Email Service Provider

The most reasonable solution for avoiding your emails from going to spam refers to the choice of a trustworthy email solution provider. Reliable email service providers could implement the best practices for delivering your emails to the inbox of recipients. Most important of all, the reputed email service providers pay attention to email authentication. As a result, your emails are more likely to pass through the spam filters on different email channels. 

Always Ask Before Sending

You can also resolve the issues of your emails going to spam by opting for permission from users before sending the emails. Think of it- you wouldn’t open an email from an unknown sender. You can learn about additional best practices for improving email deliverability here.  

Personalized Content

Another proven solution for avoiding your emails from going to spam would focus on content. Many customers have expressed their love for personalized content in email marketing. As a matter of fact, personalized content is the way forward in marketing, and you can use it to your advantage. Personalized content with proper organization can easily improve audience engagement while avoiding spam filters. Make sure your email content is genuine, and there is no way it would end up in the spam. 

How Do I Move Ahead with Email Marketing?

The easy solutions to prevent emails from going to spam show that it is all about a matter of attention. Businesses need to focus on the type of content in their emails and how they send it to their target audience. Find useful information for your business on this website for email marketing. ConstantContact is one of the trustworthy email marketing service providers with a broad assortment of services for different businesses. A credible email service provider is your first resort for any problem regarding email marketing. Start learning more about email marketing best practices with the guidance of experts now.