A complete guide on how to switch energy providers in Australia 

Australia has several energy providers, which gives Aussies the freedom to select the perfect one that satisfies all their requirements and fits their budget. Despite having the choice, many consumers still hesitate to leave their current energy provider and switch to a better one as they do not know how the process works properly.

Australia’s leading comparison platform Econnex helps users compare their electricity bills and the efficiency of the energy providers across the country and choose the best energy provider in Australia. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can change your electricity providers when you are not feeling content with your existing provider:

Review your current plans

If you are having doubts about the plan price of your current provider, review the plans thoroughly. There can be some hidden breakaway fees in your electricity plan that you may have missed. This information is usually enlisted in the fine print of your contract or relevant documents provided by your electricity supplier. By going through the information, you will be able to understand whether your current provider is charging you more than necessary. 

Compare the prices of different companies

As you have several other options in your hand when it comes to electricity providers in Australia, it is only logical that you compare your current electricity plan fees with the same from other providers. You can research all the energy providers and their plans to know which one is more profitable for you. You will also be able to be aware of the discounts, value-adds, and different reward programs provided by different companies. You can easily solve this hassling task by using a reliable comparison platform where you can easily compare the plans of different energy providers in your area and find out the best energy provider for you.

Understand your energy needs

Before you choose to switch your energy provider, make sure you understand your own energy needs accurately. Knowing your energy consumption habit will help you understand your usage requirements. You can select the best-suited deals and offers for your home or business provided by different energy providers with this knowledge.

Switch your provider

After you are finished with all your research and studies, it is time to switch your energy provider. You can use the comparison tools at Econnex and compare energy prices, rates, tariffs of the top energy providers in the country such as AGL, Alinta Energy, EnergyAustralia, Origin Energy, Powershop, and many more. You do not have to sign up to use the services provided by us. You can use our comparison services free of charge. Go through the energy rates and plans to choose the best energy provider in Australia. After you switch to a new provider, you will receive a welcome pack through mail or online asking you to provide payment information and account details.

Cut ties with the old provider

Due to the high competition in the energy market, your old provider may contact you after you switch offering you a better deal to make you stay. It is better not to go back as you already know how they operate and their services were not able to satisfy you over the years. The last step to disconnecting your old electricity connection is that they will do a final reading to arrange the final bill. It only takes a day or two to complete, so you can move on to your new connection soon.

After you have completed the switching, still keep yourself updated about the services provided by other providers and compare their rates regularly. You can find better deals in the future that way.