The 8-year-long worst traffic jam in history

Once upon a time, there was a famous canal called the Suez Canal that helped ships travel faster between Europe and Asia. But one day, something terrible happened, and the canal got closed for a very long time. In this article, we’ll learn about the incredible story of the ships and their brave crews who were trapped there for eight years.

In 1967, there was a big fight between two countries, Egypt and Israel. Fifteen cargo ships entered the Suez Canal, hoping to pass through in just 12 hours. But the war started, and the canal got shut down.

The ships couldn’t move and were stuck there. The Egyptians even made it impossible for anyone to use the canal by sinking ships and putting dangerous mines.

The crews of the ships had to wait and wait, not knowing when they could leave. Even though they came from different countries, they became friends and made the best of their situation.

They organized church services, watched movies, and even had their own Olympics! The ships were covered in sand, and people called them “the yellow fleets.”

In 1973, another war happened, and it made things even worse. The ships were still stuck, and it seemed like they would never get out. But finally, after a lot of fighting, a ceasefire was agreed upon, and the troops started to leave. It took two more years to clean up the canal and make it safe again.

The End of the Traffic Jam:

On June 5th, 1975, the day everyone had been waiting for arrived. The Suez Canal reopened! However, only two ships from West Germany were able to leave because the others were too damaged. People cheered as those two ships sailed away, finally free after eight long years.


The story of the longest traffic jam in history reminds us to be brave and patient when faced with challenges. Even though the ships and their crews endured many hardships, they never gave up. We can learn from their example and always strive to improve ourselves, no matter how tough the situation. Let this story inspire us to embrace change, stay positive, and never stop growing.

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