Students Choose to Take Notes on Laptops

There is no secret that living in today’s world implies relying on many different technologies every day. After many decades of technological progress, all kinds of gadgets, software, and related tools have become deeply rooted in all spheres of our lives, including education.

Modern students use technology to simplify their everyday tasks and study efficiently. Without any doubt, a laptop is a primary gadget they rely on. With its help, young people can access online education and facilitate self-learning. Also, they can use it to complete their homework or hire an apa paper writing service when they need some professional help with it to boost their grades. And they can even use this gadget to take notes.

Although there is a lot of research to support the benefits of handwritten notes, most students still choose to take them on a laptop. And this can be a very wise decision. Read on, and we will tell you about the top eight reasons why students handle this matter using laptops!


Speed and Efficiency

One of the most significant reasons why students choose to use laptops for this purpose is the speed and efficiency it offers. Typing is generally faster than handwriting. According to recent studies, the average person in the US can type 40 words per minute. However, when it comes to handwriting, they can only write 13 words per minute.

Since all college lectures are rather fast-paced, this fact gives students a significant benefit. If they type their notes, they can do it faster and, thus, keep up with fast-paced lectures better.


The second top reason for using laptops for this purpose is the ability to organize notes in a systematic manner. We all know how disorganized handwritten notes are. Most often, they are made on separate pieces of paper that just can’t be organized.

However, a laptop provides you with a wealth of organizational features. With the help of bullet points, indentation, and highlighting, students can structure their materials in a way that is easy to follow.



Handwritten notes can be a real mess, especially when crafted in a hurry. Your handwriting can get nearly impossible to read. On top of that, there might be issues like smudged ink, wrinkled paper, and others that will make it much harder for you to read your materials later. However, with laptops, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Notes taken on a laptop are always clear and easy to read. They always look neat. Thus, they make it much easier for students to revise and study from them later.


Lost notes can cause you a lot of headaches. When they are made on separate pieces of paper, they can be incredibly hard to find when you need them. Needless to say, this can significantly complicate your study sessions and make you lose plenty of time.

Laptops, on the other hand, let you store all your materials in one place. Also, they are portable and can be carried around with you. That is, these gadgets make it easier for students to have access to all their notes wherever they go and whenever they need them.


Many students choose to handle this matter using laptops because of seamless customization. These gadgets let you customize your files in many different ways. Namely, you can choose different fonts, colors, and formatting options. This can help you make your files easier to read and more engaging.

In addition to this, using technology for this matter also unlocks additional features. For example, you can insert links to helpful resources right into your files. Also, you can add images, videos, and audio. All these features can make your study materials much more effective too!


When you write your notes by hand, this is pretty much the only thing you can focus on at a time. Otherwise, you risk making plenty of mistakes and not being able to follow up with your teachers. However, if you type your materials, you can also multitask.

With the help of a laptop, you can take notes while also accessing online resources, conducting research, and even communicating with classmates or instructors. This can help you save time and get more tasks done at once.


This is another big reason for students to choose this option. As you all should know, with the help of the right tools, you can not only type your materials during the lecture yourself but also share completed files with your classmates and collaborate on them.

Namely, this is possible with the help of tools like OneDrive and Google Docs. Using these platforms, you can easily exchange your ideas and materials with peers. This can be very helpful during group study sessions.


Finally, these days there is a lot of buzz around ecology and sustainability. Now, when the world is on the threshold of a climate crisis, reducing your own paper waste is a great way to make a positive commitment. And that’s one more reason why students choose to rely on technology.

Digital note-taking is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional paper and pen method. By switching to it, you can significantly reduce your paper waste. At the same time, you will be able to save a lot of time and study more efficiently. Thus, this is a much more sustainable option for students who strive for success and are environmentally conscious.

The Bottom Line

Taking notes is one of those things you can’t avoid while in college. An average student has to take plenty of them during every lecture. And we have to admit that this process can be pretty tedious and time-consuming. Unless, of course, you decide to leverage technology to simplify it.

As you now know, using a laptop to type your notes has plenty of benefits. It allows you to handle the task faster while also keeping your materials better organized and clearer. Thus, if you are still using the old-fashioned method, be sure to try the modern alternative. We bet that it can change your life in college a lot!

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