That special geek person in your life can be a pop-culture enthusiast, a full-on techie, or simply a card collector. Whatever the case, it is always a challenge when thinking about what to gift them for a special occasion. You may think that they don’t have this mug or this vintage action figure, but the truth is they may already own all the conventional geeky stuff. So, your game plan should be to think outside of the box and get your special geek something unique and tech-savvy. Still not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the following list of all the latest tech gadgets that make wonderful gift ideas for your tech-obsessed geek friend.

  1. Encalife Star Projector

One of our top picks for a tech geek is the Encalife Star Projector that allows you to see various colors and stars that emit different colors of the nebula cloud. The best thing about this gadget is that it is the only star projector in the market that is voice-controlled. The star projector is Google and Alexa assistant enabled, which means that with just a single command, you can enjoy numerous shades of the galaxy. Your tech geek will be fascinated with the endless star projections and 16.7 million colors that come out of this projector.

  • Ghost Hunting Equipment

If you are looking for gift ideas for geeks, go for something unique. Yes, many pop culture-loving geeks are into stuff like ghost hunting, and you can easily make them happy with the right equipment. You can find authentic ghost hunting equipment at SpiritShack; from paranormal response devices to full-spectrum camera light, this store has got it all. There are tons of devices you can choose from here that will excite the paranormal hunting cells in your geek friend. So, go for a digital EVP voice recorder or a thermal imaging camera and make this year’s present for the tech geek in your life memorable.

  • Amazon Echo Spot

AI and voice control assistants have been all the rage for the past few years. While your tech geek may possibly have an Alexa at home, you can try for something more futuristic and give them the amazon echo spot. It is just like Alexa but with a display as well, which makes it more interesting. You can do almost all sorts of controlling from it, such as managing your devices, control your smart home, check for traffic or weather, listen to music, and so on. It is compact, stylish, and looks like a small robot that takes care of everything for you.

  • Droplabs EP 01 Sneakers

We bet that your tech geek friend doesn’t have one of these. They may have a smartphone or a smart house but not smart sneakers. Not literally smart, but these sneakers from DropLabs will sync any type of audio, movies, and music that you stream, and the sole of the shoes will vibrate. This allows you to have a full-body sound experience from the ground up. The sneakers come with a power source to sync with any audio, a speaker-grade transducer, and Bluetooth.

  • Smart Garden:

Is the geek in your life also a plant lover? No worries, now you can combine their love for plants and tech all into one with this smart garden. Since more geeks love to spend time indoors, this device will be a perfect gift as you can now grow herbs and vegetables indoors thanks to this little gadget. You can put it by the window or the countertop and choose from over fifty pre-seeded plant pods. It also comes with an LED grow light which is not only energy-efficient but can also withstand all sorts of weather. It also comes along with a self-watering planter and is portable.

  • The AirTag

Have you ever wondered that those tiny little tracking devices that spies in movies attach to the bad guy’s car even exist? Well, the geek in your life must have wondered the same, and now they can experience it with Apple’s AirTag. This little device is your go-to gadget if you have a knack for losing things. You can easily slip one in your pocket and bag and attach another to a valuable item such as keys and keep a check on them on the Find My app. You can also have them engraved, and they are ready to ensure that your forgetful geek buddy doesn’t lose anything important.

  • Smart Water Bottle

Speaking of smart, it is about time that your tech-savvy friend starts drinking from a smart bottle. And not just any smart bottle but the Hidrate Spark 3 bottle that takes care of your hydrating and health goals. The bottle seamlessly tracks the water intake that you can also track via a tracker app through Bluetooth. It also comes with a glow feature where the bottle illuminates to remind that it’s time to drink water. The bottle looks dope, comes with three different light patterns, a long-lasting battery, a better grip, and fits perfectly in holders.

  • My Arcade Retro Machine

Let’s put a break to smart stuff and jump back to good old times when arcade machines were the coolest thing a person could ask for. That is why this My Arcade retro handheld gaming system is perfect for your millennial geek who would want to relive the era of retro gaming. Coming back to this system, it is a small portable device that offers more than two hundred games, including all the classics from Defender to Galaga. It features the old-styled 4-way joystick, colorful visuals, and a 2.5-inch screen. It is lightweight and portable, which means that it is a perfect item to take on trips.

We’ve all been through the experience of getting a present for a tech geek and ending up returning it because they already have it. The key to giving the perfect gift for that special geek in your life is to do your research and get them a gadget that is unique and functional. So, get that tech geek in your life a smart gadget such as a smart bottle or sneaker or something vintage like Lego mini-figures or Star Wars merchandise.

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