8 Benefits of Having a 24/7 Managed IT Service

8 Benefits of Having a 247 Managed IT Service

If you’re a business owner, then you’re likely always looking for new ways to improve efficiency, make your budget more predictable, and find the best expertise available for all aspects of your company. That’s why every business owner or executive should at least consider managed IT services. There are several benefits of having managed services, such as dedicated help, up-to-date industry knowledge, and lower costs. Let’s look at more below.

8 Benefits of Having a 24/7 Managed IT Service

1. You Can Scale Your Spending and Predict Your Budget Better

If you wish to invest in IT systems for your business, then it can be incredibly costly. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to update or replace your systems, so you can’t predict your budget accurately. Operating expenses will also grow as your business grows, which can eat into your profits.

If you outsource these IT services, then you’ll pay a predictable and scalable set of OPEX costs instead. You can easily factor these into a monthly, quarterly, or even annual budget. All potentially costly things, such as maintenance, hardware breakdowns, updates, and repairs, will be factored into the price you pay each month. Click here to see exactly what kind of service you’re getting when you invest in managed services.

2. You Can Avoid Operational and Sunk Costs

Having an in-house team is another major sunk cost. You need to pay every person a salary that covers their worth. Plus, you have to provide insurance and benefits. On top of that, you need to provide office upkeep for each of your employees, too. Finding and training staff members takes even more money. If you outsource your IT needs, then you have absolutely none of these expenses to deal with.

3. You Can Have Responses Faster

Technical difficulties slow employees down. During high traffic times, your employees could face hours of downtime, and that completely kills productivity. Productivity is vital in the workplace, and an outsourced team will keep productivity high. Just because your operation is down doesn’t mean your outsourced team’s operations will be down, too.

Outsourced IT management also lets you have assistance whenever you need it, including on holidays, weekends, or during the night.

4. You Can Always Ensure Experience and Expertise

Finding IT employees by yourself is difficult because you never know if you’re getting somebody with the right experience and expertise for the job. They have to pass interviews and be trained to use the list of hardware and software your company uses.

Managed services help you ensure everyone on your IT team has the right skill set for specific jobs, and they’ll always be up-to-date on the latest technological developments. Technology advances rapidly, so having a team that learns and evolves alongside it is one of the most important parts of dealing with IT services.

5. You Can Have Issues Fixed Before They Arise

Your outsourced IT team continuously monitors your IT, so that when minor issues arise, they can be fixed before they become major problems that slow down the workflow at your company. Downtime will be minimal when you have somebody constantly monitoring your technology for signs of bugs and glitches.

6. You Have One Point of Contact

When you need assistance with your IT, you’ll only have one company you need to contact. With an in-house team, you and your employees will have to contact various software and hardware vendors by yourself. Managed services contact every vendor you need on your behalf, making it much easier and more productive for you to operate your business.

7. You Have Support for Regulation Compliance

There are specific standards that your business must meet regarding integration with your IT initiatives. These can vary depending on what type of business you operate. You must meet the standards/requirements for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and more.

If you outsource your IT services, then you don’t have to be so familiar with all of these things. Your managed providers are already well versed with the standards regarding retail establishments, financial services, privacy, and more, depending on what type of business you operate. They’ll make sure your IT complies.

8. You Have Cyber Security

With an in-house team, you need cybersecurity experts to ensure all of your data remains safe. Managed services have specific security strategies to keep you up-to-date with cybersecurity standards and reduce the likelihood of data leaks. If there’s an issue with cybersecurity, then your company is less likely to be liable for it. It’s your service provider’s problem to repair and take the blame for.

Managed services will make your business more productive, eliminate the number of complex regulations you need to understand, and let you scale your budget efficiently. Cutting costs and keeping things productive is vital for any business, so you know managed services will benefit you.