8 Beetroot Benefits to Boost Your Health

Beetroot is a round, swollen and sweet root vegetable that people love or hate sometimes. Its an old vegetable it was not common to use it in diet but now people are becoming aware of its health benefits and start eating it. You can also consult a nutritionist to get the best recommendations.

You can squeeze beetroot and drink its juice, cook it and add it in salads too. Beetroot is very beneficial for healthy mind and body. Here are the health benefits of it:

Blood pressure

It helps in lowering blood pressure; people who drink its juice daily reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. When nitrate in beet root mix in blood it converts into nitric acid and helps in widening and relaxation of blood vessels.


When you include beet root in your diet your plasma levels increase which results in amazing physical performance. It greatly helps the players during sports and increases their stamina.

Power of muscles

As you know now that beet root is full of nitrates you may as well know nitrate helps improve the power in muscles and decrease heart failure.

Gently slows dementia

It increase blood flow in the brain especially in aged people and reduce cognitive decline. If you drink juice of beet root and had brain MRI done it will show improved blood flow to the frontal lobes. It is very promising in good behavior and slow dementia.


As it is low in calories and has no fat it is excellent for maintaining a healthy weight. Make delicious smoothies to increase nutrients and boost your energy levels or you can purchase quality smoothies such as Blendtopia’s smoothie mixes to keep it consistent.

Prevention from cancer

Have you ever wonder why beet root is blood red in color? It is because of betalaines which is water soluble anti-oxidant. It has ability like chemo and prevents production of cancer cell lines. They find and destroy unstable cells of the body.


They are packed with potassium that helps the muscles and nerves to function properly. Potassium is very important for coping with weakness, muscle cramps and fatigue and if its level is low it can leads to abnormal heart rhythms.

Supports healthy liver

If you have nonalcoholic fatty liver which means it is over loaded with poor diet. Drink beet root juice it contain betaine that helps in prevention of toxic substances in the liver. Visit Marham.pk to book online appointments with doctors.