7 Tips to Create a Cozy Gaming Setup

Who wants to do their gaming in a cold, dark room lit like a Berlin techno club? Well, as any visit to the Battlestations subreddit will show you, plenty of people do — but if you’re reading this article about cozy gaming setups, you probably don’t! You want something a little homier, a little comfier, a little more hygge. You want a gaming station that invites you to melt into your favorite games like sugar in a mug of hot tea.

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Getting that snug feeling yet? Once you’ve read these seven tips for creating a cozy gaming setup, you’ll be ready to put together a gamer’s nest that would make any hobbit proud.

  1. Get the lights right.

Warm, inviting light can transform a dull or sterile set up almost instantly. (No, the light from your 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor doesn’t count.) If you’re still using overhead lights, switch to floor or desk lamps with soft LED bulbs. There are also string lights and strip lights, which provide a gentle, even glow and are easy to install anywhere you need them.

Remember also that color is a huge part of how we perceive our environment, so think about which colors will create the vibe you want! Soft white or yellow is a classic for those who like to keep it simple, while a selection of mild pinks, purples, and greens can give it an extra helping of colorful pop. And, of course, there are always candles — a lighting choice that requires a little responsibility, but creates an incredible atmosphere of old-school comfort (or an absolutely terrifying game of Resident Evil 7).

  • Choose a comfy chair.

A comfy chair is the foundation of truly snugxurious gaming. (That’s a mix of “snug” and “luxurious” — and yes, we just made it up, but you know what it means.) This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the biggest, softest armchair you can find. Often, an office or gaming chair with good back and neck support will actually keep you more comfortable during a long gaming session.

That said, if you’ve got room for an extra seat, adding a beanbag chair can be a fun alternative for when you just want maximum squish. Pillows and blankets, meanwhile, can make just about any kind of furniture more comfortable.

  • Use your decor to add personality.

For the cozy gamer, chilly minimalism is out. Instead, think about fun decorations that can add a personal touch to your gaming space, like:

  • Artwork
  • Neon lights
  • Action figures
  • Stuffed animals
  • Pictures of friends and family
  • Musical instruments

You don’t have to cram your gaming space with every knickknack you can think of — less can definitely be more with this stuff. Start with a few of your favorites and let yourself add organically!

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  • Go for the green.

Greenery is the secret MVP of a cozy gaming space. Adding even one or two plants can liven the vibe up a lot and give it that organic touch. The benefits aren’t just aesthetic, either! Tons of studies have actually shown that healthy plants in the room can do everything from increasing air quality to boosting your mood and focus. (When people ask you how you’re so good at League of Legends, you can tell them you owe it all to your ficus.)

Been a while since you took care of a plant? Don’t worry — there are plenty of hard-to-kill plant species like pothos (devil’s ivy), succulents, and snake plants that require minimal care. Just make sure you’re able to give it the recommended amount of light for its species.

  • Get the snacks on deck.

True masters of the cozy gamer’s art know that you shouldn’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen for a snack and/or beverage if you can help it. That’s why so many gamers keep their goodies close at hand, like cozy little field mice stocking up on nuts and seeds so they can play Final Fantasy XIV all winter.

Or something like that. Anyway, yes, as we were saying: For any gamer with the space and the money, a mini fridge is an A+ choice to level up the comfort of your gaming area. (Any guests you have over will definitely appreciate it, too!) If you really want to do it up, you could even add a microwave — or, on the opposite side, add a simple “snacks basket” with non-perishables like chips and dried fruit that you can grab as needed.

  • Clean up your cables.

A rat’s nest of tangled cables doesn’t exactly scream comfy-cozy, so think about whether it’s time to level up your cable management. First off, switching to wireless peripherals is a no-brainer for many gamers. For all but the most competitive eSports players, wireless mice and keyboards today are almost indistinguishable in performance from wired ones.

For cables you can’t get rid of, try using cable clips and raceways to consolidate all of your cable runs and keep them organized. Another great trick is to mount a power strip on the underside of your desk. This will help you avoid the struggle of endless extension cords when you need to plug in your phone, gaming laptop, console, monitor, TV, and all those other essentials.

  • Give your pet a place to hang out.

If you’ve got a dog or cat (or heck, an iguana or a particularly free-spirited hamster), your little buddy would probably like a place to chill with you while you game! Think about adding a pet bed to your gaming room, plus a couple of favorite toys to keep them entertained. You’ll have the pleasure of each other’s company, and a pet in the room brings a level of cozy you just can’t get anywhere else.

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“Yes,” you will say as you plop down into your comfortable gaming room, “I am indeed the King/Queen of Cozy, and it is good.” Just remember — we’re expecting an invite one of these days!

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