7 Things That Geeks Love About NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that cannot be replaced. As the bulk of them are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, they are unique and only under one owner with the purchase proof showing that person’s distinct ownership of this digital asset. 

An NFT could be a post on social media, a piece of music, or even digital art. 

Here are 7 things that geeks love about NFTs. 

1. Earning NFTs by Playing Games

Some NFTs can be earned by playing smartphone games. They are called play-to-earn (P2E) games. New P2E projects for 2022 include Silk, Meta Triads, Guild of Guardians, and Rich Cats Nation. 

As you play the games and earn in-game digital assets, they represent NFTs that are invested into your corresponding crypto wallet. For example, Rich Cats Nation only has a very small limit of 1,000 NFT tokens. Playing Rich Cats Nation allows you to earn Rich Cats tokens ($RCNT) that are converted into NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.  

2. VR Players Can Jump In, Too!

Most of the new NFT P2E projects are games that you can play on your smartphone. However, not every gamer wants to play on their smartphones. VR players can play a VR game to earn NFTs as well!

Examples of NFT VR games include Altspace VR and Orbus VR which allow you to socialize with other players in real-time. 

3. Memes Are NFTs, Too

Memes are even forms of NFTs as well. For example, the Success Kid sold for 15 Ethereum which totals $32,355.75. 

4. Geeks Can Digitize Their Collectibles

Collectors can accumulate many physical items when collecting in real life: figurines, comic books, replicas, and more. 

NFTs have allowed collectors to collect digital assets such as the digital version of DC figurines. In March 2021, VeVe and DC partnered up to create digital asset NFTs of Batman as well as other DC characters in the form of virtual figurines. These digital assets give you the same experience as if you were to purchase a physical Funko Pop at Target or Walmart. 

5. Random Walk NFT is a “Random Walk”

Random Walk NFTs are NFT images that start in one of 4 main directions and then jump at random between one of the directions until a picture of a “random walk” is achieved. 

If you want to purchase Random Walk NFT, you must have enough Ethereum in Arbitrum and have it connected to your MetaMask. 

6. One NFT is Not Like the Other

NFTs are supremely unique forms of cryptocurrency investing. All NFTs are unique and only have one owner. When you purchase an NFT, it looks and is programmed distinctly different from other NFTs that other traders own. 

7. NFTs Skyrocketed By 18,000% in 365 Days

In just one year, the NFT market saw an 18,000% increase. The first 6 months of 2020 were when the NFT market gained $13.7 million in sales. The first 6 months of 2021 generated $2.5 billion. Just in August 2021, NFTs gained 3.4 billion in sales, hence the 18,000% hike in market value. 

Final Thoughts on Things Geeks Love About NFTs

Geeks love numbers, funny facts, video games, and comics, which are all reasons that encompass what they love about NFTs. What is your favorite thing that you love about NFTs? Let us know in the comments!