7 Snow Day Activities which you can Enjoy

Snow day creates a lot of possibilities to experience different things. Children enjoy the most playing games and exploring new kinds of stuff. Adults take a sigh of relief because they do not need to go for their work. The reason is that snow day restricts daily life activities. For parents, it is a mixed blessing. They have trouble sometimes, but they also got a moment of cherishing by seeing their children and also reviving their childhood memories. Older people also become emotional by remembering their childhood. By looking at the snow blanket and enjoy this scene, this treat is unexpected. When the weather forecast, like the snow day calculator, tells you about possible snowfall. You can catch here some fun activities that you do on your snow day.

Make the ice cream:

The first thing you want to do on your snow day is making snow ice cream. It is an effortless and fun activity. All you need is snow, vanilla, and some condensed milk. By mixing it, you can enjoy the most delicious ice cream. It is one of the most classic childhood memory. Older people become emotional by remembering this activity. You have to taste this ice cream at least once. It is the most valuable activity of the snow day. 

Feed the bird:

Snowfall stops the activities of humans and animals. So birds have difficulty finding their food. So feeding the bird is a kind and fun activity for your children on their snow day. Parents work with their children to create bird feeders or learn them on the internet. Then hang it outside, and enjoy the arrival of the birds and different species through the window. 

Enjoy the snow volcano:

One of the most fun activities on a snow day is making of snow volcano. You can enjoy the scene of the outburst of a snow volcano. You can make it with simple house ingredients like baking soda, soap, vinegar. Then mix it in snow and wait for some seconds to erupt. Make it colorful by adding the food color. This whole thing has been done outside because it can get messy. 

Playing different games :

No wonder what has to be done on a snow day? You can play different types of indoor and outdoor games. You can also bring your indoor toys outside and play with them. It will help the children to explore their creativity and think differently. Changing the environment is also beneficial for your children because it can add value to their life. You can also play different outdoor games with snow. The snowman fight game is the most popular game for everyone on a snow day. You can make a snowball and fight with the others without actually getting hit it. 

Making of snow toys:

You can enjoy the snow day by making snow toys. You can also paint it or make tiny snowmen—all you can inside if it is too cold outside. By cutting into different shapes, you can make snowmen of different sizes. You can paint various things made from snow. This will help your child to explore various activities. You can also cherish your childhood memories by painting the snow. 

Learning geography :

Snow day allows you to teach your children. Pull out the globe and ask your children where it is snowing in the world. Spend some time learning how weather changes, landmarks, culture, and anything in that particular region. Look at also news and discuss the weather conditions and their effects. This will help your children in studying.

Participate in the race:

Snow day helps you to play different basic games. One of them is a race in which you can participate and also win. You can create an obstacle course through which participants have to move and win this race. It will help you improve the speed and imagination of your child. If there are kids or different family members, you can hold a snowman relay. Divide the members into two teams and also establish a reward for the winning team.


You can enjoy every bit and piece of a snow day. Make it valuable and memorable for everyone.  It will help you to create a lot of memories and enjoy this day. You have to decide whether you are enjoying this day by doing a different thing or playing various games. By seeing beautiful scenes of snow, you can enjoy it just sitting through your home.