7 of the Best Spring Break Destinations

Many vacation lovers plan their spring break itinerary to save costs and snag the best deals. If you have been to Panama City spring break from Inertia Tours, you already know it’s a tough-to-beat experience, so planning can help you have as much fun as possible.

Consider these seven options if you cannot choose from the hundreds of vacation destinations shared on social media and the internet. These recommendations also work for people interested in a custom spring break experience without breaking the bank.

1: Cancun, Mexico

Have you ever been to Mexico? Don’t worry; it’s not all curry as it’s made to look in the movies.

Mexico has beautiful lakes, beaches, and vacation spots to relax and unwind. One of those spots is Cancun. Over the past decade, Cancun has attracted millions of fun seekers and vacation lovers. It is perfect for vacationers who enjoy water sports and activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling.

Asides from water activities, Mexico is also rich in history and architecture. You can visit some historical sites like the Mayan pyramids and experience Mexican cuisine direct from the source.

Cancun is known to be a confluence of all activities needed to refresh your mood and get you ready for the task ahead. Don’t forget that it is also great for socialization as you’ll find many other tourists to relate to and party with.

Consider adding this destination to your list of options.

2: New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you committed to staying within the country this spring break? Depending on where you are, a road trip could be one of the best experiences to plan.

New Orleans, Louisiana, promises many fun things and experiences, especially if your school’s beak is on the earlier side of the year. There are lots of festivals and activities to partake in, including the Mardi Gras festivities. You can also be a part of the February 21st Fat Tuesday celebration.

Don’t be disheartened if your break isn’t until much later. There are lots of sights, sounds, and activities to go around in New Orleans. Pack your bag when ready and drive or fly over to enjoy the music, food, and people.

3: Alberta, Canada

Planning to travel out of the country but to a neighboring country where you still get the somewhat American feel? Alberta is the destination for you.

Alberta, Canada, experiences a lot of cold winter temperatures. However, this makes it just perfect for people who love snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, and the like.

Didn’t get enough of the winter season back at home? Experience a home away from home feel in Alberta as you explore some well-known ski resorts. You should also consider exploring places like Mount Norquay, Lake Louise, and the Sunshine Village – all promising an experience like never before.

4: Miami, Florida

Staying within the country can be budget-friendly and fun. You can easily plan a road trip with friends to make the experience worthwhile.

One of the destinations to consider is Miami, Florida. As you can already guess, Florida has a bit of everything for everybody. Explore the food, scenery, and late-night life. The state also has lots of sunshine to stay out all day on the beach or party all night to your heart’s content.

There are tons of great vacation rentals here, or you could explore hotel accommodations at great prices.

5: Nashville, TN

Looking for something quiet, interesting, and fun? Interested in discovering new areas of your life you didn’t know existed? A spring break trip to Nashville, TN, may just be what you need.

There are tons of activities, sights, and sounds to explore in Nashville. You can be sure to experience authentic food, other tourists and vacationers like you, as well as the country music scene. Love movies? You’ll get a lot of stage plays and art performances that’ll leave you appreciative of the craft and brilliance.

6: Southwestern Road Trip

Nothing beats a planned road trip – whether alone to clear your mind and experience new things or with friends. Whatever your choice may be, the southwestern road trip won’t disappoint you.

An excellent way to start is by planning your routes and transportation medium. Plan some of the best snacks for the road, pack your bags, and enjoy the spread and activities between the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Rest assured that there are plenty of national parks to explore, and if you’ve got the time – aim to explore the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and the Hoover Dam.

7: Las Vegas, Nevada

A city with all the fun promises and its own saying – “whatever happens in Vegas.”

Get on the road or book a flight to Las Vegas; you’ll surely experience the best food, music, people, and activities for your budget. There are also many accommodation options to explore, so you won’t be stranded at any point.

These vacation destinations can help transform your year and set you in a good mood for the remaining school year.

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