7 Nutritional and Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy

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It is a goal for many people to be their best and healthiest selves. Many people resort to fad diets and juice fasts to detox their bodies, lose excess weight quickly, and attain their desired body shapes. However, these can be incredibly unhealthy and even dangerous for you. You can lose an unhealthy amount of muscle during your detox and regain a lot of fat shortly afterward. This is why it is unwise to take shortcuts to get a healthy body. 

According to health experts at Click Pharmacy, staying healthy is a journey that you have to commit to every day. There is no shortcut you should take. You must do the hard work required and make good decisions about your fitness and nutrition to lead a healthy life. It can be challenging but is very rewarding in the long run. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get healthy and stay that way.

Avoid excess alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, even in small to moderate amounts, can have adverse effects on your body. Drinking introduces toxins in your body that the liver and kidneys have to work hard to get rid of. It also impairs your judgment and leads to uncharacteristically risky behavior. Hence, the first step to embarking on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle is getting rid of your drinking habit. If you find it hard to give it up, you might want to consider getting professional help from a facility like the Delphi Behavorial Health Group.

Eat breakfast every day

It is a commonly known saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This saying is absolutely true, as eating a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning energizes you and sets the tone for the rest of your day. To get the best out of this meal, avoid sugary and processed foods like cereals and opt for healthier alternatives like oatmeal and full-grain cereals. Sprinkle ground flax seeds on top as they contain omega-3s and soluble and insoluble fats. Milk, yogurt, and eggs are also a good protein addition to your breakfast.

Keep your portion size in check

Eating until you feel like your stomach is about to burst is very unhealthy. It puts undue stress on your digestive system and heart. You end up consuming much more nutrients than you need, and the excess turn into fat in your body. The best and healthiest way to eat food is to eat in moderation. Control the size of your portions. Eat the smallest portion that can satisfy your hunger, and then stop. It does you no good to keep eating after you start feeling full. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking a good amount of water every day is crucial for your health. It helps to regulate your body temperature, delivers the nutrients from your food to the cells in your body, and keeps all your organs functioning properly. Experts recommend that women should drink about 2.7 liters, whereas men should drink about 3.7 liters of water every day. However, it can be hard to keep track of how many liters you have been drinking. You can simply aim to drink water whenever you get thirsty, as that is your body’s way of communicating its need for water. You can flavor it with lemons, cucumbers, or strawberries to make it feel more refreshing. Try to carry a bottle of water with you whenever you go out, especially when the weather is hot. 

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best food because they are rich sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They are also very low in fat and calories, making them a good choice. To reap the most benefits of this choice, aim to eat different fruits and vegetables at each meal. Ideally, half your plate at every meal should be filled with fruits or vegetables. This ensures that your appetite is filled without eating too many unhealthy things. Fruits, vegetables, and dried fruits also make wonderful snacks for when you feel hungry between mealtimes. 

Change up your exercise regime

Exercising a few times a week is one of the best ways to stay healthy and active. However, the main purpose of exercising is to push your body, make the heart go faster, and sweat. If you have been following the same exercise regime for some time, it is quite possible that your body has gotten used to it. You might see that your weight has plateaued, and you don’t feel as tired after your workout as you did previously. In that case, it is time to switch up things a bit and start new types of workouts like HIIT or pilates. You can find a lot of different types of exercise on workout apps that have easy-to-follow animations or videos of each movement.

Consistency is key

Like in any part of life, consistency is crucial for being healthy. You cannot eat healthy meals for two days before succumbing to temptation and going back to eating junk food. Exercising can only help you if you keep at it for several months. There is no aspect of a healthy lifestyle that will start showing you results in a few days. You will have to keep at it for a long time before you start seeing any visible changes or start feeling somewhat healthier. Hence, becoming healthy is a decision you make, again and again, every day. If it helps, you can have cheat days sometimes to fulfill your cravings for junk foods. You can skip workouts sometimes to relax as long as you don’t make it a habit.


Living a healthy life is the greatest choice you can make to help you lead a long and happy life. Get rid of unhealthy behaviors and start focusing on your nutrition. Eat well-balanced meals, especially breakfast, which provide you with all the nutrients you need. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables while keeping your portion sizes in check. Exercise regularly and consistently to stay active and healthy and to feel great from within. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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