7 Key Benefits for Choosing Best Phonics Reading Books for Children

Most of the specialists claim that phonics can make a real change on the child’s approach to learning to read and develops love for reading. You will understand these words especially when you dive into the process of helping the little ones to improve their reading skills.

Teaching phonics helps to learn faster and more productively. It can even help those people who have some difficulties with language development. Through it your child will easily comprehend what they read as phonics helps to learn reading with quick techniques.

For facilitating the process, however, the choice of phonics material, including books, activities or other creative methods is essential. Click hereto get a wonderful reading support from The Bear Can Read. Going hand by hand with the school material and at the same time including great engaging activities your child will be able to get perfect understanding and simultaneously enjoy the process.

Well, what kind of benefits will you get if you pay attention to material choice? To understand the importance, let’s have a look at some:

1.     Phonics Books Help to Improve Concentration

The role and importance of increasing the concentration level is enormous in the learning process. Phonics books can be very role-playing in this process. By delivering the needed material through the right books, your child manages to focus attention and get all the benefits: from the memory improvement, faster comprehensions, better focus on what they do and a strong will to reach higher goals. These are just small parts of its benefits.

2.     It Helps to Better Understand the Words and its Structure

Phonics books have a great role in studying how people use language. By understanding words and going deeper into the structure, your child will easily determine what is unique in the language and what kind of key parts it includes. Through it, the child will identify similar words as well and easily pronounce other unfamiliar words. This is very important in different reading levels.

3.     It Helps to Increase Learning Success

A well-chosen book can make a change. It is so, because books have a power to motivate and develop love towards reading. If you manage to find material that suits well with your child’s interests and reading level, you automatically boost your child learning.  Your child should not get bored or get confused about the reading challenges. That is why reading level plays an important role.

4.     It Helps to Enlarge the Vocabulary

Phonics books can have a great role in not only learning to read but also building a strong vocabulary. While encountering new words in different contexts and examining the word’s structure and pronouncement, your child better identifies them and step by step they become an important part of their own vocabulary.

5.     It Helps for the Improvement of a Child’s Reading Comprehension

In the process of learning to read, developing reading comprehension skills is critically important for the early reader. By the right material your child will sharpen the comprehension skills and later will easily comprehend more complex texts.  Besides, if they fail in developing proper comprehension skills, they will lack the ability to understand what they read.

6.     It Help to Improve Reading Fluency

Phonics teaching books and activities have an important goal: to make children fluent readers. Reading fluency is fundamental, as when your child develops the ability to read with speed and accuracy, they manage to pass their next goal: to understand the text instead of the word and its structure.

7.     It Helps to Understand the Relationship Between Letters and Sounds

Many of the letters make more than one sound, so it is important to understand the relationship between the written and spoken language. Phonics books and different activities will help to understand this systematic and predictable relationship and build great reading skills.


Encouraging your child to get involved in the process it is essential to do everything properly from the very beginning. Fortunately, with the amazing reading clubs and right support of choosing books based on the relevant ages and stages, your child will start to understand and appreciate the importance of learning. You are the one who can become responsible for your child’s reading success.