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7 Great Benefits of Office 365 for Small Business

Looking for the perfect apps to optimize your office or workplace setup?

A program that you can use for your work is Office 365. It’s a productivity suite made by Microsoft, which has different apps for all your work needs. There are many benefits of Office 365, especially for businesses.

Office 365 complements working individuals, making it the must-have program for any business. Many small businesses use Office 365 due to its efficiency, convenience, and availability.

Implementing Office 365 can bring many benefits to any small business. It gives them a more effective way to create content, communicate, and organize. Read on to discover some of the benefits of Office 365 for small businesses.

1. Easy to Access Files

Microsoft Office 365 stores all files in a cloud storage server. It gives you the means to access the files you need in an orderly manner. You can access essential files from any location from any device as long as you have internet.

The best thing about this is that your team can access all these files from a single location. The cloud has robust and secure environment measures in place for data protection. It ensures that unauthorized people aren’t able to can’t access the files.

The cloud also has threat detection programs in it which protect the data from virus and hackers. These programs can vary from anti-malware to anti-hijacking. This is essential, especially for businesses that deal with confidential data.

Being able to work on a mobile device can give a lot of convenience to workers. Having the ability to access all apps and files at any time can make work easier and more efficient. It can later result in more productivity and income to the business.

2. Improved Communications

Microsoft Office 365 applications have tools that can keep communications centralized. These programs, like Skype and Outlook, can hold calls for meetings. It makes it easier to collaborate and communicate with workers regardless of distance.

There are also various Office 365 tools and features for file sharing. You can upload multiple files together with comments, which is crucial for teams. It can also notify people where a user directed the comment so they can focus on fixing that section.

Another feature that Office 365 is that you can use it as a form of a social network. Small businesses can use this for announcements for every employee they have to see. It then alerts them of any updates and enables them to adapt immediately to the announcement.

3. Portable Working Convenience

Working with Office 365 and being able to access files at any time offers convenience. However, one of the main benefits of Office 365 why companies like using it is its portability. It enables you to work regardless of place or time, as long there’s working internet.

Being able to work at any place is especially helpful for remote employees. It saves them the trouble of traveling often to access data they need to work.

Office 365’s accessibility is great for increasing productivity, especially when working from home. You no longer have to worry about not being able to access your work files because you aren’t within the premises.

4. Save You a Lot of Money

Subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 fixes your monthly spending for working programs. It reduces your spending of money on other programs that ask higher price and has a lot of issues.

The monthly cost depends on the level of subscription you choose for your business. It has different enterprise levels that tell the payment cost of each license. You can also get upgrades that increase the subscription cost.

If you get a premium license through Core, you can also change the number of licenses. It can give you the ability to give the new the old license that past employees used to have. That way, you are never over-licensed, and there is no waste.

5. Utilize a Variety of Programs

Microsoft Office 365 has a lot of programs that help planning for your small business. Here are some popular Office 365 programs that most companies use.

  • Delve – allows you to bookmark files you will need to share and assign to your employees.
  • Dynamics – a managing program that allows you to add custom applications for more control.
  • Excel – a spreadsheet application that allows you to collect, edit and evaluate data.
  • Word – enables you to make, save, and view worded documents.
  • OneNote – Used to create notes and drawings with a digital notepad.

Keep note that your employees will have different technical needs. To make it easier, you can switch between subscriptions which can cater to the needs of each worker. You can also have the mix and match their needs to not pay for more than you need.

6. Improved Presentation Options

Microsoft Office 365 has some programs that improve presentation. It can also suggest pictures you can put on it to make it better.

The most used program used for presentations and reports is PowerPoint. This program gives you options to include various effects to make your presentation more exciting. You can also use Excel to include charts and graphs to show data.

7. Ability to Adapt to Changed Plans

Microsoft Office has some migration tools that can help make quick changes to your plans. It has mix-matching plans, which allows you to have more than one backup plan. You can use SharePoint migration tools to serve as a backup for files.

Know the Benefits of Office 365 and Use It Today

Your employee’s experience working with your business shouldn’t be a hassle. Using Microsoft Office 365 can make their work a lot easier. Improve your working experience and use the program today.

We hope these seven benefits of Office 365 convince you to use the program. Are you looking for other programs to use for your small business? Check out the other blog posts today and learn how you can improve your business.