7 Good Reasons To Use WordPress in 2022

Today WordPress has countless features including reliability, SEO, performance, usability, etc.
That’s the main reason almost 43% of websites on the internet today relays on WordPress.

Initially, WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform but with time it turn into a complete
solution to build robust websites like E-commerce, Portfolio, Online, Multilingual, and many more.

Well-reputed companies like Disney, Target, and Time Magazine are using this CMS due to its robust features.

Let’s have a look at the 7 big reasons why WordPress matters and you should use it.


There is hardly any tool that offers a free variant. Cheerfully, WordPress is one of them; anybody can install it free of charge on their site.

Assuming that you are thinking about how WordPress works and performs the operation, it is generally upheld by the local community of WordPress.

In any case, WordPress is a self-facilitated platform and is free. To introduce WordPress on your site, you’ll require a web hosting service and domain name.

WordPress hosting is more beneficial than casual hosting and installing WordPress on it, that’s why it is the most recommended process. But keep in mind that it could cost you much more than regular hosting.

No Coding, No Problem

Are you not a developer who still wants to develop your website well! Anybody can make it happen. You can change your site without being a web engineer or designer creator.

WordPress, it’s exceptionally easy to use. You can fabricate and build a whole site without having to know a line of code. WordPress offers admittance to drag and drop options as a website builder that can do almost everything for you or you could hire an agency to look after wordpress website for you.

Handy To Use

WordPress is quite simple to get, regardless of whether you’ve never managed a CMS or developed sites previously. Amateurs are gladly received! To begin, you should simply choose a theme, perhaps introduce a plugin or two, and afterward hop directly into making pages and other content.

Nonetheless, the incredible thing about WordPress is that there are in every case more ways you can alter the website. When you get its hang, you can begin executing further developed usefulness to oversee how your site looks.

SEO Friendly

Make your site noticeable to everybody with the Google web search tool. Enhance your blog content on every page of your website, focus on your clients, and SEO keywords to your site.Yoast and Rank Math are the most famous SEO Plugins. Increment your site traffic to get transformation leads. Begin enhancing your site keyword and positioning situation in Google Search.

WordPress SEO ensures your site meets the most noteworthy specialized SEO principles. It likewise gives you the free tools to improve your substance for SEO and generally increase web search meaningfulness.

Provide Security

However WordPress is open-source, it’s a safe platform worked considering security and insurance. Still, if you need to make your WordPress site further secure and get it far from attackers, you’ll be cautious about what themes and plugins you introduce to your site.

Installing an infected theme or plugin could prompt the break of your delicate information hackers use to extort web credentials for cash.

Flexible to Customize 

A wide range of individuals use WordPress to manage content on their sites – a considerable lot of them are regular users with next to zero information on web development.

That is the reason WordPress offers an extensive variety of themes and plugins anybody can introduce on their site as per their prerequisites to work on their site’s usefulness.

There are more than 10000 Free themes and 50,000+ plugins available to give your website a customizable look and integrate any kind of functionality.

Not Going Anywhere

Even the greatest web builders and software vanish from the market but the fact is, Open-source platforms,are significantly more liable to be around for quite a while.

That is because as open-source software, it’s not kept up with by only one individual or organization. Regardless of whether WordPress vanishes, anybody can fork its code and sendoff it off with an alternate name in no time.

There are major areas of strength as a community of thousands of users, designers, developers, and private ventures behind WordPress. And in this community, every one of them guarantees that WordPress is setting down deep roots for the long stretch.