THCp is a mixture of legal and illegal issues. A particularly high dose may cause euphoria that lasts for days. You should not trust anyone selling THCp online. Instead, do your research. Before you buy THCp products online, consider the following.

1. What is a THCP cartridge?

In simple terms, THC-P Cartridges amplify the psychedelic effects of other cannabinoids. The discovery that THCP resets most users’ tolerance for other cannabinoids was met with great elation and fanfare. Depending on the individual, this cartridge could have long-lasting effects.

Reputable brand

When purchasing THCp products, the first thing to do is verify that the brand is trustworthy. With this new cannabinoid, you can only trust a reliable and authentic brand. 

Customer Reviews

There is not much scientific data available on the effects of THCp. Customers should review it. Find out what the opinions of regular users of THCp are. Take a look at possible advice from experts to help you get started on your journey to the lowest concentration.

Low Concentrations

Low concentrations are the best way to avoid side effects from THCp and other cannabinoids. This is because THCp may bind to CB1 receptors at a thirty-fold higher rate. This can have both positive and negative side effects. We recommend that you start with 1mg, or a lower amount of THCp, rather than 10mg.

Customer Service

Trustworthy brands should be considered. You may purchase a bunch of THCp cartilages, but not experience any health benefits.

Reliable customer service is invaluable and can offer you refunds. Many cannabis companies offer discounts for first orders as well as a money back guarantee. You should ensure that you choose the option that offers both.

Third-party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is an important factor to look out for when buying cannabinoids. Reputable companies know the importance of testing final CBD and THCp products to verify their purity. Because even small errors in the manufacturing process can lead to contamination. A mistake in the extraction process can cause component balance distortion.

2. Is THCp able to make you high?

Yes. THCp can make you high even in small amounts. Because it can bind to C1 receptors faster than any other cannabinoids, this is the only explanation.

Imagine that 0.3% of THC could cause higher than what the same amount can do for you. You will likely feel euphoric, and have psychoactive effects. Learn more about the THCP at CannaAid.

3. How do THCp and THC differ?

THCp can be found in very low amounts in cannabis plants, at 0.1%. THC makes up around 30% of cannabis’ composition. Because both compounds are found in different amounts, extraction methods for each are different.

THCp and THCp are not structurally different. THCp has an alkyl chain that contains two carbon atoms. This minor difference is important for the functioning of both compounds.

All cannabinoids should have at least three carbon atoms in their alkyl chains. THC contains five of these, making it an excellent ingredient in hemp-derived products.

THCp, on the other hand, contains seven carbons alkyl chains. This extra carbon atoms makes it a superhouse that can increase the ECS of your body with great power.

THCp contains two additional carbon atoms, which can alter the chemical nature of the alkyl chains. Its tendency to bind with endocannabinoid receptors is therefore increased. Researchers who created the THCp cannabinoid tested human receptors.

The THCp compound reacts with the CB1 receptor 30 times more efficiently than the THCp. This opens up a new chapter in cannabinoids, where THCp could be used to treat multiple conditions and symptoms.

4. Is it possible to see results with a THCp product in a short time?

THCp works thirty times faster than normal THC compounds, so you might see results sooner than when you consume THC products.

A THC gummy may take 30 minutes to deliver results and help you fall asleep; a THCp vape might only take a few seconds. THCp tends to be more inclined towards CB. You might feel the effects for longer hours if you have receptors.

5. Is THCp safe for consumption?

We are still in the early stages of THCp research so we cannot confirm whether it is safe to eat. We don’t have evidence that it has any benefits, even though we know it has a greater tendency to bind to the CB1 receptors in ECS.

The increased tendency to become more aggressive can theoretically have beneficial effects or cause damage to normal body functions. As long as you are careful, it is possible to stay within a safe range. You may experience severe side effects if your dosage exceeds the ideal limit.

People recommend consuming less than 1 mg daily, and consider this safe. Experts and the government have not yet established a safe limit. THCp cannot be consumed until experts or the government issue a final verdict.

6. Is there a recommended starting dose of THCp?

There are so many THCp products available that people will often try the new cannabinoid. It is important to use the right dosage and not expose yourself to health risks.

It is therefore better to start with a small amount. For other cannabinoids such as CBD, delta-8, or delta-9, the ideal daily dose is typically 10mg. After seeing positive results, people can increase their dose.

THCp can be used in the same way, but at lower doses initially. Keep your daily dose between 1-3 mg. You can also use less than 1mg per day to keep your safety in line. If you are happy with the results, you can increase your dosage every week.

7. Is THCp detected in drug tests?

Cannabinoid consumers live with the fear of drug testing. CBD users can be harmed if they are tested positive for drugs while driving. Some companies will even fire workers who are found with illegal drugs.

You can use THC analog to find out how long THCp will last in your body if you’re consuming THCp. If you’re a regular user of THCp and can tolerate high doses, your body will have THC for thirty days. If you’re a novice user and only use small amounts, the number of days is lower.

THCp is more potent than THC and can stay in your body for up to a month. It can stay in your body for between 25 and 30 days after the first use. We are unable to provide any information regarding the staying time of the product as there is not much research.

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