7 Brainy Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

7 Brainy Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

As a parent, you want the best for your children. Parents would do anything for their children’s success and are their role models. Storytelling is a habit many parents adopt as it helps them get closer to their children. But we, as parents, want more than that. We want to teach our children how to communicate, how to think outside the box, or to be kind. We can do this by leading by example, as children often do what they see their parents doing.

You can start reading to your child bedtime stories as early as possible. Studies suggest that children recognize their mother’s voice when they are in the womb, so reading aloud while you are pregnant is beneficial. Just imagine you sitting in your child’s bedroom and reading children’s stories.

But reading bedtime stories has benefits for your child’s development. Here are seven brainy benefits of reading bedtime stories.

1. It Improves Communication

Babies get born with the exceptional ability to learn any language. The brain’s neuroplasticity is represented by its ability to form new connections in response to the process of learning. We get born with high neuroplasticity, meaning that we can learn anything. And we can do this easily. As children grow and mature, the neuroplasticity of their brain lowers. Of course, it can always be enhanced by intellectual activities.

If babies listen to storytelling, they improve their communication. Some studies have shown that all the sounds they need to combine to speak their mother tongue have been heard by babies until they reach the age of 1. Reading bedtime stories improves the communication of your children. They are exposed to different words they will remember. And this will also help them express their ideas better and more accurate.

2. It Boosts Creativity

We know that bedtime stories are usually fantasy stories. Children have a rich imagination anyway. Reading bedtime stories to your children will enhance their creativity. Why? They are exposed to a different world, where animals can talk, and heroes fight for their goals.

This can open up new doors for them and also teach them about life situations they might encounter as they grow up. If you choose bedtime stories that are interesting and also take unexpected turns, you will grab the attention of your child and put his brain to work.

3. It Improves Memory

Besides communication, reading bedtime stories help your child boost his memory. This especially happens if you choose stories with unexpected twists and discuss with your children on the subject. Asking questions such as “What do you think is going to happen?” or simply recapping what has happened in the story is a nice way to help him improve his memory skills.

If you ask your child to narrate the previous story before you begin a new one, it will help him improve both his communication and memory skills. Maria, a mother and daily contributor to write my term paper, says that her children have enriched their memory with these short storytelling activities.

4. It Develops Morality

Stories for children need to be written differently. Even though their message is strong and complex, it has to be delivered in a simple way so that children can understand it. Choosing to read your children bedtime stories that depict moral values will help them develop their morality, said John O. from assignment help and buy assignment online services.

Just by listening to you reading a bedtime story, they learn a lot of things. Depending on the story, they can learn to respect the elders, to not hurt the animals or throw garbage in nature, but also to not judge other children based on their skin color and so on. Bedtime stories develop the morality of children in such a simple but successful way.

5. It Helps Your Children Calm

Even though it may seem strange, children can be anxious too. If they spend time in an overstimulating environment, they can easily get scared. Anxiety in children is not something new to parents. Every child is scared of something and normal levels of anxiety are found in all children. Maybe when they need to start school, they are the most stressed, even though it is an experience many of them are looking forward to. To sum it up, children develop anxiety when there are major changes in their lifestyle. But how are children affected by it?

They think about it at almost any moment and this makes the anxiety stronger. Reading bedtime stories is a nice solution to this problem and it helps children relieve anxiety. By doing this, you grab the attention of your child and introduce him to a new different world. Where problems do not exist and fantasy characters appear.

6. It Enhances the Emotional Development

Emotional intelligence is something all children start developing as soon as they start talking. One of the first things that children learn is the theory of mind, meaning that everyone has their own feelings and emotions. Later on, children will learn more about different emotions and feelings, but they do this sooner than you would expect. For sure they have a girl or a boy from kindergarten they like, so their first encounter with love is already here.

Reading bedtime stories to your children confronts them with different ideas on birds, flowers, toys, and so on. They learn more about feelings and emotions and learn how to associate them. This will enhance their emotional development and boost their emotional communication. They will become more able to express their feelings accurately.

7. It Develops Their Reading Habit

Reading helps you expand your knowledge and it is a nice habit to teach your children. If you begin reading bedtime stories early on and form a daily habit, your children will adopt it too when they will learn to read.

Storytelling before bedtime helps your children enter a new world, find out new things, and learn more about the environment, emotions, people, and animals. As they grow up, they will change their preferences and will start reading more and more complex books, but reading will be a habit.


Reading bedtime stories has benefits on the cognitive development of your children but also your relationship. Spending time with your children before bedtime will help you bond stronger. Moreover, reading bedtime stories will improve their communication skills.

They will learn new words and will be able to express their emotions better. On top of this, their creativity, memory, and morality are enhanced by a good choice of stories. And whenever they are anxious, reading a bedtime story will help them calm down.