eCommerce websites handle a substantial amount of consumer data, which makes them the main target of hackers. Luckily, thanks to Magento extension development, there are several tools that can help users avoid such problems. Before we move to them, there are several warning flags that indicate your Magento store may have been compromised. By keeping an open eye on these, you can prevent disaster for your company. Several of these indicators are given below: 

  • Customer reports that his credit card data has been accessed. 
  • You’re losing money because of additional fraudulent forms on the checkout page. 
  • Blacklisting by search engines of your Magento store.
  • Host takes your website offline. 
  • Your website contains malicious redirection. 
  • There is either a defacement of the administration panel or a blank screen when you try to access it. 
  • The Magento store becomes sluggish and displays errors. 
  • There are apparently new malicious administrators in the system. 

Unfortunately, disrupted security leads to the following consequences for your business:

  • A drop in customer traffic and sales at the Magento store. 
  • Detrimental effect on the SEO of the website. 
  • The lack of trust keeps customers away from your Magento business. 
  • Site information could be sold to rivals. 
  • Stealing of sensitive information from the shop using phishing or Java.

As you see, Magento security is really essential if you want to have a successful business. One of the ways to ensure this is by using special extensions. Some of the best are mentioned below. 

  1. Admin Actions Log

The Magento 2 Admin Actions Log improves the data security of your shop. All the modifications done in the admin panel are visible thanks to it. 

You can keep track of login attempts and identify who made them. You may use it to see who made changes to a certain product or purchase. Any mistakes the administrator made can be fixed. 

Access to log data is made simple by the Action Log grid. The action’s date, user, category, and other details are specified. 

In addition to seeing IP addresses on the grid, you may mass restore modifications. 

You can control all running sessions with this extension too. You may easily end undesirable sessions. 

Features of the Admin Actions Log include: 

  • Monitor all recorded actions 
  • Specify how long you want to keep the log data 
  • Bulk-restore admin changes 
  • Receive alerts about failed logins 
  • Control and end running admin sessions 
  1. Web Application Firewall

Before it reaches your online shops, the WAF addon filters out harmful traffic. 

Your Magento business is guarded by an Online Application Firewall (WAF) against frequent web attacks and unfavorable traffic. 

The plugin makes system stats almost instantly accessible. You receive details on URIs, User-Agents, Inbound links, and IP addresses. 

You may ban IP addresses, bots, or whole regions using this Magento 2 plugin. To stop HTTP flood assaults, you can define the rate limit. 

Features of the Magento Web Application Firewall include: 

  • prevention of DDoS attacks 
  • Protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 
  • SQL-Injection mitigation 
  • Security from brute-force attacks 
  • Linux Attacks Security 
  • Metrics that are visible in real time 
  • Regular WAF updates
  1. Ultimate Geo-IP Lock 

Using the plugin Geo-IP Ultimate Lock, you may control foreign-country traffic to certain goods, CMS pages, or the whole business. With the plugin, you may limit access to certain products and product categories by selecting product criteria like price and color, which is based on IP blocking. You can monitor the traffic in real time and stop unauthorized visitors from entering your e-commerce site. 

Additionally, you may create several access control lists for a certain area. Multiple languages are supported by Geo-IP Ultimate Lock. Additionally, you can get a free upgrade and lifelong support.

  1. Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker

For the purpose of preventing server overload, the bot blocker recognizes automated spam bots and disables them as well as other bots. Bots typically cause issues when you are replying to consumers and are found in review forms and contact sites. The add-on safeguards your online store from fraudsters.

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

Your online business is made even more secure with the Two-factor authentication plugin. Keylogging software and data sniffing programs may easily target one-factor verification. Additionally, unprotected wifi networks allow for hacker access. 

With this add-on, only approved users may access the control panel. 

The many forms of 2FA passwords include: 

  • Credentials: dependent on the knowledge of the user. These might be secret codes, questions, or letters.  
  • Possession: based on the user’s possession, such as a security token or private keys. 
  • Inheritance: biometrics are used to identify the user, so it may be passed down across generations. 

Among the 2FA Features are: 

  • prevention of spyware 
  • IPs with two-factor authentication for whitelisting 
  • Additional code for administrative responsibilities 
  • Make your gadget your account’s key. 
  1. Security Suite for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Security Suite guards your store from dangerous cyberattacks. The plugin offers a versatile solution for routine security chores. 

You have total insight into all backend operations. Each logged activity has full information available for viewing. 

You may monitor currently active sessions and view previous page visits. You can undo the changes if the administrators take any improper measures. 

With more complex password settings, you can control user permissions. It stops unauthorized user logins. Additionally, you may give particular store managers access to certain roles. 

Receive notifications when login activity from unknown geolocations seems dubious. The online shop can be made inaccessible to certain users. To get notifications of failed login attempts, you can add email addresses. 

  1. Google Invisible reCaptcha

Your consumers are unable to see the extension. Genuine customers don’t need to pass tests to enter your shop. Generally, the extension  improves the safety and usability of your website. 

Just in the case of questionable requests will the Captcha be displayed. You can alter which requests are doubtful and add IP addresses to a blacklist. 

You are able to pick the Captcha variant that is most effective for your website. The addon takes very little code and comes with pre-made templates. 

Additionally, the addon stops spam bots from posting reviews and comments. The addon is compatible with numerous forms. You may modify the reCaptcha to match the layout of your design.

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