6 Out Of The Box Ways To Propose To Your Soulmate

So you’ve been dating your partner for quite some time now and you’re ready to take the next step. But how do you pop the question in a unique way? Did you know that only 1 in 3 proposals in the US is a surprise?

Planning a surprise engagement can take quite some time and strategy. If you’re out of ideas, here are 6 out-of-the-box ways to propose to your soulmate!

1. Treasure hunt

Create a fun treasure hunt for your partner on a special date night. Leave relevant clues like “go to the place we first went out on a date” or “choose the drink that we had the day when you first told me you loved me”. Let your partner go and find out the answer to each clue, which will lead them to the next clue.

After they manage to find and solve the last clue, you can hide the engagement ring in there or go down on one knee and present it to them yourself! You can even ask your partner’s friends or family to help you out with the clues.

2. Bake a cake

If your honey has a sweet tooth, this can be a great way to ask them the question. First, bake a mouthwatering cake in your soulmate’s favorite flavor, and then ask your partner to open the cake box.

For some extra fun, you can even ask them to be blindfolded while opening the box. You can hide the diamond ring in a box and then place it carefully inside the cake or just keep it next to the cake.

On top of the cake, write the four golden words “Will You Marry Me?” in stylized icing with a few edible decorations here and there, and your partner just won’t be able to say no!

3. Photo album proposal

Nothing is as amazing as a trip down memory lane. Make a customized photo book or album containing all your pictures together. Label these pictures according to the date and place and write down a few small lines next to each picture. You can either make a scrapbook by yourself or get it digitally printed from a website.

On the last page, put a full-page photo of you both together and write down the question below or near the picture. Watch in wonder as their eyes light up when they turn to the last page after reliving all those beautiful moments!

4. Go to Disneyland

All of us have been die-hard fans of Disney in our childhood. Then why not bring back this childhood magic and create a fantastic proposal right there? Take your bae for a trip to the nearest Disneyland and indulge in some fun rides and shows.

Afterwards, when the sun is about to set, keep that mesmerizing scenery in the backdrop and go down on one knee. You may even ask Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess to help you out a little, such as pop a balloon or letting out a burst of streamers when they say yes!

5. Plan an Underwater proposal

Love the water? Then make it a part of your special day! Plan a scuba diving or snorkeling day out with your soulmate and then propose to them.

We all have seen friends or family witnessing a romantic proposal but how many of us can say with pride that fish and turtles have witnessed the important event? When you arrange for an underwater proposal, you get to experience it all! Make sure you carry a board with the words written on it in waterproof ink or material of some sort.

6. Propose in a stadium

If your partner is a big fan of stadium games, you can take advantage of this love of theirs and propose to them in a stadium filled with people!

Take your partner on a game night date where their favorite team is going to play. During half-time, ask the technicians of the big screens to prop the cameras towards you both.

Propose to your darling in the sweetest way possible with everyone else in the audience cheering and leading you on! If there are any friends or family members present, ask them to pop some confetti too!

Over to you…

Proposing to your soulmate is a big deal- after all, it’s the start of forever with each other. So make sure your proposal is one worth remembering all your life!