6 Best Smart Google SEO Tips

SEO is more about doing the smart work than the hard work. The SEO functionalities on Google keep getting updates from time to time. This is why it is very important to ensure that your SEO techniques for Google are smart enough so that you can stay ahead with your position on the Search engines. At the same time, using Google SEO tips that are smarter enough can help you to get a better-increased number of clicks. When it comes to earning more traffic to your website, it is crucial to make sure that your SEO strategies are more effective and impressive. Here are some of the best smart Google SEO tips that you can use:
  1. Optimize your Meta description

Starting with optimizing your meta description can be effective enough for you due to various reasons. This might be a bit of an older technique for your SEO optimization, but it is still relevant enough to boost your performance on the SERPs.  Writing a well meta description can easily compel your users to click more on your link. Using a description with the keyword can serve people the answer they are looking for, which can convince them to click further. You can avail the services from Los Angeles SEO to get access to smarter Google SEO tricks.

  • Optimize your breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb optimization can also be very effective and smart enough for your smart Google SEO techniques.  Google opts for displaying the breadcrumbs for both the desktop and the mobile searches. The breadcrumbs can be rich with the keywords to influence your CTR, or it can be from your URL, schema mark up, or form the actual breadcrumbs in your website. You need to make sure that Google is using those breadcrumbs to display to enhance the SEO efficiency of your site. The best thing that you can do about it is to make sure that you have the breadcrumbs on your page with the links that you are using for the schema markup.

  • Enhance your internal linking:

Internal linking works as one of the most important and smart enough techniques for the SEO of your website. Thus increasing your internal linking can be very beneficial in many ways. Focusing on earning credible enough internal linking to your site can improve your website’s authority.  You can consider updating your old content with the new links, which can add more value to your content and make it more eligible for earning better quality linking.

  • Get rid of the unnecessary links:

It is better to get rid of all your unnecessary links from the content on your page.  Removing the unnecessary links from your page can help you to pass better page equity through the links which count. Removing the unnecessary links while keeping the necessary links only can work as a major form of the signal for Google ranking, which can improve your site’s capability to rank better in the SERPs.

  • Focus on the long form of content:

It is better to invest more focus and effort in the long form of content to make your SEO performance smarter enough. The long form of the content has a better chance to get more links and shares. At the same time, the long form of the content tends to secure a higher rank in the search results. To earn better ranking potential on Google, the short form of content is nothing bad, but the long-form of content is a little better than that.

  • Make use of more headers

Adding more headers to your content can be a very smart technique of Google SEO. As you work with the long form of the content, you get more space and scope to use the headers. Adding more H2 and H3 tags can make your content look more precise, neat, and clean. Try to break your content by making use of the better keyword-rich headers. The reason behind it is, the more header tags you use, the more it increases your chance to secure a better rank for the featured snippets. Thus breaking up your content into a larger number of headers is essential, at the same time, helps you to add more contextual relevance to your content.


When it comes to securing a better rank on the SERP and making your site eligible enough for more clicks, using the smarter enough Google SEO techniques are very important. Hence make use of the tips that go suitable with your site’s SEO strategies and make your site credible enough.