6 Best Places to Install CCTV at Home

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales state of Australia. It is also the largest and one of the most populated cities in the country, with around 5 million residents.

While the city is a safe place to live, it is still advisable to install CCTV or closed-circuit television cameras around the house. After all, nobody knows what’s going to happen at any time.

The security and home security can be protected by CCTVs placed in strategic places around the property. This could deter the thieves, catch them in the act, or record some unusual events and anything worth recording.

Placing these tiny cameras would be useless if not properly positioned, so it is advisable to call a professional that offers CCTV installation in Sydney to check and decide where they can position it. With that in mind, here are the sweet spots for home CCTV cameras.

Front door

Front doors are the first route the criminals who want to break into any home. To keep the CCTV camera safe, install it at the floor level, inside a wire cage.

Side and back doors

Regardless of the location of the door, it is going to be the criminal’s potential access to a house. Position the cameras on every door as these are the most vulnerable spots. Again, it is important to apply protective precautions to keep the camera from potential tampering.

French doors and patios are vulnerable to break-ins. It is advisable to support it with thick glass and a well-positioned CCTV camera.


Some property owners leave their garage defenceless. However, this area is also common access to many burglars. Regardless of what the garage contains, it is crucial to keep it guarded against criminals.

Position the camera facing the garage area or the driveway to pick up signs of any suspicious activity. On the other hand, the camera can be placed inside the garage, facing the area where the light gets in when the door opens.

Off-street windows

The windows facing away the road or street are attractive to burglars as it is away from the public eyes. Aside from the cameras, make sure that these windows are locked every time to go out.


The garden is an area where expensive play equipment and gardening machinery are placed, making it very inviting to crooks. Strategically positioned cameras paired with some security lights can keep the area safe and secured.

These pieces of security equipment are great deterrents to burglars, making them think twice about trespassing the garden.


It is not true that CCTV cameras should only be positioned outdoors. Placing a camera on the side of the house, facing the windows or doors, recording anyone who enters the house and getting a good view of their faces for identification.

However, outdoor cameras are still important as they can keep the burglars away. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Moreover, it is wise to consult licensed companies that offer CCTV installation in Sydney to ensure that the cameras are at the right places. Keeping the house secured is crucial to avoid burglary. While installing them is easy for anyone who can follow instructions, it is crucial to let them handle the job. These people are well experienced, and they know exactly where to place them strategically.