6 Actors Who Could Play Agent 007 if Aaron Taylor-Johnson Isn’t Confirmed

6 Actors Who Could Play Agent 007 if Aaron Taylor-Johnson Isn't Confirmed

For many reasons, the James Bond franchise is an irresistible, charming, and action-packed gem. We love watching the heart-stopping action scenes, glamorous leading ladies, cool, fast cars, and high-stake casino games like baccarat bring out the best of MI6’s secret agent.

The good news for fans is that the next Bond flick is supposed to start filming this year, but before that, a new James Bond has to be unveiled.

What We Know

Daniel Craig stepped down from the Bond role after a 15-year run with five successful films. His last Bond outing was “No Time To Die in 2021”. A name that keeps popping up concerning the new spy agent is Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The 33-year-old English actor is reportedly close to signing a contract to play the next James Bond in the untitled reboot of the spy series. Fans have mixed reactions to Taylor-Johnson’s choice to play James Bond.

Some believe he lacks the charisma required to carry the secret agent character. Others had hoped for an older actor, like Henry Cavill or Idris Elba, to embody Bond’s traditional maturity.

There is a formal offer on the table for Aaron, but should he not be confirmed, here are six other favorite picks to take on the double-O espionage role.

Henry Cavill

The Bond franchise-producing duo Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson haven’t confirmed anything yet, but we know they are hunting down the new Bond. Henry Cavill, now 40, could be a favorite in this list mainly because he’s got the classic maturity associated with the Bond actors.

You’d be surprised that our favorite Superman lost this role to Daniel Craig five Bond movies ago when he auditioned at 22. Reports said that he seemed a little bit young to take on the role at the time.

Luckily, he has evolved to become one of the biggest names in the industry. Having taken on the mantles of Superman and Geralt from “The Witcher” impressively, taking on the Bond franchise would be a natural progression for his action-hero persona.

Sam Heughan

The Outlander star has shown interest in the role, and when asked about it, he said it was an incredible franchise and that he’d jump at it if given a chance. The 6’2 actor isn’t new to the spy acting genre, having already demonstrated his 007-like skills in “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

His Scottish accent also reminds us a bit of Sean Connery. The 43-year-old Scottish actor might not be a household name yet, but we all know how James Bond turns new names into famous Hollywood stars.

Ask Daniel Craig.

Richard Madden

Hugely known for his famous role as Robb Stark in “Game of Thrones” and David Budd in Jed Mercurio’s “Bodyguard”, Richard Madden could easily fit the tux! When asked about the role by reporters, he said that it was very flattering to be involved in that discussion at all, thereby evading the question (typical of many celebrities, right?).

The Bond role, however, has not yet evaded him, and past reports from the Daily Mail revealed that Bond bosses were almost approaching the “Bodyguard” star. If all goes well, the next Bond will definitely be a suave and seductive spy character by Richard Madden.

Tom Hardy

For a long time now, Tom Hardy has been considered the lead man to take the mantle from Daniel Craig. Unfortunately, the 46-year-old is a busy actor, and IMDb reveals he has at least four projects lined up.

These include “Venom 3,” a “Mad Max” sequel, and two others. However, in the acting industry, anything can happen. Now among the top three of the cut, Hardy would provide a lethal edge and remarkable talent if he worked out his schedule and landed the role.

He would bear a striking physical resemblance to Fleming’s James.

Idris Elba

If you thought Elba’s constant insistence on not wanting to be cast as the next James Bond would pull him out of the race, hold that thought. Barbara Broccoli once said that Elba was part of the conversation.

The “Luther” star has been the most mentioned person regarding the role. In 2022, he cleared away rumors that he’d be the next James Bond by saying he would be unlikely to take the role. But again, we all know the convincing power of the fans.

Anyone would love to see the tall, powerful, and intimidating man become Daniel Craig’s successor and maybe bend some rules while at it. Furthermore, is any actor alive who would turn down such an envied role? We think not!

James Norton

With his three standout roles in “Happy Valley,” “War and Peace,” and “Grantchester,” Norton’s star shot to prominence in 2016. His mix of characters commands a strong onscreen presence, and that’s, without a doubt, something that the Bond bosses are looking for.

He also got his education at Cambridge University, the same as Britain’s most famous spy agent’s place of study. The actor, 33, isn’t the usual global star for the role, but forget the A-listers; even the most unexpected choices could become the next iconic 007!

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