No matter your industry, you need to impress your customers if you hope to boost customer retention and keep your target buyers coming back again and again. But it’s harder than ever to impress your customers, both due to increased competition and the prevalence of online review sites.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can follow to build emotional connections with your customers and bring them back for more. Let’s break down those strategies one by one.

Give Stellar Customer Service

For starters, you have to provide and maintain excellent customer service to each of your core consumers. Stellar customer service, provided via phone, online chat, or even social media comment responses, impress your customers by:

  • Showing that you care about their needs
  • Taking care of any complaints or questions they have promptly

Any business can provide a great product. But only some businesses are so dedicated to customer satisfaction that they maintain robust and responsive CS teams 24/7.

Offer Regular Discounts/Promotions

Of course, you can also offer regular discounts, promotions, and special sales for your customers. Regular discounts and promotions impress your customers since it indicates that you aren’t concerned about profit above all else (even if you are).

On top of that, regular discounts and promotions can drive consumers to your store or website during peak periods, like during the Black Friday shopping season. For the best results, spread the word about discounts or special offers using mass texting services, email newsletters, and other marketing methods, so as many of your target audience members as possible hear about them.

Be Personal with Your Marketing

It’s also a good idea to be personal with your marketing. Many studies show that marketing personalization usually leads to better long-term customer retention and better conversion rates. Simply put, people like to feel personally marketed to, not like they’re just cogs in a business machine.

You can add personalization to all kinds of different marketing materials, such as email newsletters, social media posts, and more. Email newsletter marketing in particular benefits from personalization.

You can also be personal with a mass text marketing service. Mass texting services like TextSanity enable you to add personal details to any SMS messages you send to your target audience, such as:

  • The first and last names of message recipients. This is great if you are sending a personal message, like a happy birthday wish
  • Appointment details, if you use mass text marketing for appointment reminders
  • Order recommendations based on a recipient’s last order from your business
  • And more

That said, be sure to use a mass texting service that offers personalization features if you plan to take advantage of this strategy. The more personal you can be with your marketing, the better. It’s ideal not just for driving short-term conversions. It’s also for building emotional connections with each of your buyers.

Anticipate Customer Needs or Questions

The more you can anticipate your customers’ needs or questions, the more you will impress them. But anticipating customer needs and questions is easier said than done! The best way to do this is:

  • To navigate through your website or online store and ask yourself how you can improve it. Put yourself in the minds of a typical consumer and ask what pain points you can fix
  • To go through the checkout process at least once. If it’s too complex or lengthy, consider streamlining the checkout page for a faster purchasing experience

In addition, you should post an FAQ page on your company website. This way, customers can easily find the answers to the most common questions you receive. You’ll impress them not just by anticipating their questions, but also by providing ready-to-read answers that they don’t have to contact your customer service team to acquire.

Give Perks to Loyal Customers

One last way to impress your customers involves paying special attention to your loyalty program members. If certain customers are already part of your loyalty program, give them special perks like free shipping, extra discounts, or something else.

Your most loyal customers deserve more attention than random customers who arrive via organic search traffic. If you want to keep those customers in your loyalty program, you need to make it worth their while.

Note that giving your loyalty program customers extra perks divides long-term dividends as well. As people learn the benefits of your loyalty program, they will be more likely to join it voluntarily, thus increasing the number of customers who benefit from the above-mentioned perks. The last thing you want is a subpar loyalty program that doesn’t drive any sign-ups!

In the end, impressing your customers means being authentic and providing real value to those consumers. If your brand can do that, it’ll be well positioned to retain customers over the long term and bring in consistent revenue for years to come.

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