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Many big brands are regularly featured in popular and large publications with a global reach.

Just think about how often you read about Amazon or Tesla in magazines and newspapers like Forbes.com or The Guardian. 

Whether you are a services provider, freelancer, small business owner, or influencer, coverage in a thriving business publication can help you grow your company and brandthrough additional press exposure that is not out of reach. 

Plus, you will experience additional benefits such as increased website traffic, boosted conversionsand increased credibility and trust. With informative and useful content published on other trusted and valued websites in your niche with a little bit of marketing flair, you can expand your followers and build your brand name

It is also beneficial to be interviewed or covered by other writers. 

So, start pitching and reaching out to other relevant business publications and writers to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Brand Trust & Credibility

Making a contribution to or being featured in a popular publication in your industry can lead to attracting more people tofamiliarize themselves with your website and brand. Say you are running a business in London and want to get featured in the top UK business news magazines to get your business in front of more potential customers, you can pitch an article idea to them. Alternatively, you can publish a press release or share research or business insights that may be of interest to them and their readers. This not only increases your brand recognition but brand trust too. Readers are more likely to visit a website that is recommended by a source they trust. 

  1. Work with Professional Editorial Teams

When you work with thriving publications, the professional content creators and editors will provide feedback to the work you have submitted to them. Niche-specific magazines like greenlivingblog.org.uk for examplehave professional editors that help business owners and marketers with finding a suitable angle to get their work published. While the guidelines for publication are different for every magazine, there are certain writing skills and techniques that are useful to knowto contribute to platforms successfully. Working with other writers can help you figure out what type of topics are suitable for your brand marketing so you can create content accordingly to get your message delivered to your target audience effectively. It also gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts with a larger audience and see how they respond. 

  1. Increase your Site Visitors

When you write and publish content that engages your target audience and makes them look for more, it increases the number of visitors to your business website. More visitors mean more leads and opportunities to convert them into sales. Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from publishing content in business publications. Being featured in prominent business directorieswithmentions in a popular UK business listing can drive more potential customers to your business website. Businesses experience significant benefits when they get featured in various publications and directories, because they reach people they may not reach otherwise. 

  1. Brand Show & Tell

Business publications in different niches are a great platform to promote your brand and what you offer from a different and independent perspective. By providing different types of content such as how-to guides or lifestyle and lifehack pieces, readers encounter your brand first when reading about something that matters to them. You can write highly useful & informative content and add relevant images or graphics to let your audience know about your expertise and what you can do for them. It helps you drive more online visitors to your website that you can easily convert into loyal customers with even more useful content via your website. 

  1. Networking with other Experts

After getting featured in high visibility publications, other business experts in your industry are more likely to find and connect with your brand. Companies that find your services or topics relevant to theirs, reach out to you to form business relationships with you. You might also get some profitable offers like paid promotions, business consultation and collaborative or affiliate projects, etc. Industry experts, content creators, and entrepreneurs may also connect to expand their network together with you. 

So, realize the potential of business publications to help you spread the word about your brand and mission. Research reputable publications that are likely to resonate with your pitches and content ideas and share your knowledge and insights through interviews, guest contributions and other marketing opportunities they may offer. 

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