Responsive Web Design Impacts Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Now that websites are accessed on a mobile device too, it doesn’t work well to have a static website that functions well only on a computer device.

So if you care about user experience, you better think of working such a website through multiple devices in use.

But putting a simple website with multiple columns won’t go to do you favour either.

Thus let’s have a glimpse of what you need to know about responsive web design and the things it offers to you.

Responsive Web Design: A Common Outlook

It’s a common technical design approach that allows your website to function on multiple windows and screens of various devices.

Just to clear it, if you have 5 columns showing on a desktop, then it shows multiple rooms to accommodate, though it won’t be effective for iPhone and you want more room to spread out.

Adaptive design generates templates and versions of a webpage, though, in contrast, responsive design is a single design that reflows within a page.

In such means, it has become a prior motive for websites to have such design and hence it can be settled on course by a white label digital marketing expert on hand.

Let’s now look at 5 more essential factors for which responsive web design has become a must for web developers today.

1. Site Usability

If your site can’t be used by any means, naturally no one is going to use it.

It may sound simple, but many companies do fail to create a very simple website that can be easily read and properly navigated.

When you choose responsive web design as part of White label digital marketing, it becomes so effective that user experience becomes a better performance and it helps in revisits from users as well.

2. Page Load Speed

It’s natural that if a website is created for desktop, then it would perform slowly on a mobile device.

This may become frustrating for users and it can be solved out through the help of a White label digital marketing expert who will take care of it.

What’s more, Google ranks on the basis of page load speed also and if it’s settled, then trending becomes better too.

Thus responsive web design can be handy for such purposes of page load speed and it can be accomplished through White label services around.

3. Bounce Rate

When visitors exit any webpage from your website or certainly spend a short time, it would essentially increase bounce rate.

In case Google realizes you have a high bounce rate, it would decide against favoring you a better ranking.

As Google’s goal is to deliver positive content, it becomes essential that you cover bounce rate through such design and it can be easily managed through White label digital marketing professionals around.

4. Duplicate Content

Such type of content is not tolerated by Google, for instance, if you have a different URL for mobile version and separate for computer, then Google would interpret their access on the web.

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By responsive web design provided by the White label digital marketing team, it can be sorted and an entire team would focus on it that would solve the matter and let function things smoothly.

5. Social Media

Social media is not a direct ranking associate, but it does help in increasing your website traffic.

By having responsive web design through White label digital marketing and its social media managers, it would become easier to share content on social media for users and online partners would feel you be a trusted brand too.


Hence you must have a sit-out and decide which White label digital marketing platform should suit such responsive web design to fulfill your needs.

And if you choose wisely, it can turn things into gold and give you the best results possible…

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