Theft or inspiration? 5 Valorant skins that look one-on-one like in CS: GO

In the summer of 2020, Riot Games launched a new shooter on the market – Valorant. Valorant has six weapon types that will be familiar to all Counter-Strike players. These are pistols, SMGs, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns and machine guns. The game itself and its mechanics as a whole are in many ways similar to CS: GO, so it is not surprising that some of the skins in Valorant can also coincide with the skins in CS: GO. You can find out more about skins for  warzone, valorant, fortnite at

We have selected 5 similar skins that we presented to you in this article.


Luxury Collection at Valorant. The most budgetary knife, which has a price tag of 1750 coins. It has a miniature blade and a comfortable handle. The knife has interesting effects and a low price.

Stiletto Damascus steel in CS: GO for $ 114.65.

In principle, their similarity is logical, just the same type of weapon is taken – the stylet. This is a stabbing edged weapon, a prototype of a dagger or sea dagger of Italian origin with a straight cross and a thin and narrow blade.


Phantom is a local analogue of the M4A1-S from CS: GO. Rush Phantom. Non-upgradeable store skin that can be purchased in-game for 875 Valorant Points. The skin for each weapon, including the Phantom, has a unique visual finish or animation effects.

AK-47, Bloodsport. The body has a red and black aqua print covered with many white logo stickers.


Smite Collection, new skins are made in blue and light blue, the key element of the coloring is lightning, which penetrates the weapon from start to finish. The collection includes skins for Phantom, Odin, Judge, Classic and knife. The Smite Collection is available in the store for 3500 VP.

AWP, Thunderbolt. A lightning bolt pattern was applied to the metal base, which is depicted on a purple background. Price $ 352.40.


On the left is a set of Valorant in which the Prime 2.0 knife is on the right side of the karambit “bloody web”.

The Valorant Prime Skin Pack was one of the most popular during Episode 1. It looks like the Valorant developers decided that Prime 2.0 would be a great sequel. The most desirable item in the set is the knife, even though it’s not the most useful weapon in combat. It costs 2 times more than all other skins, 3550 Valorant Points.

The karambit is a tiger-fang curved knife specially designed for the Southeast Asian martial art of silat.


The Vandal is the most popular weapon in Valorant and is very similar to the classic AK-47. The rifle deals 39 damage. damage to the body at any distance, and on a hit to the head is guaranteed to kill the enemy.

Sakura Vandal is part of the Sakura collection released on July 22, 2020. The weapon is decorated in white with a Japanese theme, and features the iconic Japanese sunset and sakura blossom. Costs 1275 VP.

AK-47, Hydroponics. Painted with metallic paints with a bamboo pattern, priced at $ 1,080.

The skin market in Valorant is pretty poor right now, and there are literally a couple of good exclusive skins that are pleasing to the eye. In general, the skins are a little faded, and the cartoonish graphics of the game sometimes make it difficult to create something light and impressive. While in CS: GO this is the trick – due to the realistic graphics – all skins that are relatively simple in design look cool.

Recently, an article was also published on our site, in which another problem was raised related to CS: GO and Valorant – this is the transition of players from one discipline to another.

Valorant has a lot in common with CS: GO, in some important places this game is very different from CS: GO. However, the scale of the transitions was no greater than that from other games and the mass migration did not take place. Despite everything, CS: GO is still in trend and does not lose its popularity.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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