5 User-Friendly and Efficient Video Converters

5 User-Friendly and Efficient Video Converters

From laptops to smartphones to smart TVs, a single household uses several kinds of devices nowadays. There are so many kinds of devices, even in the smartphone category, that not all phones can play the same video format. This becomes a real issue for users.

Video converters allow users to change the format of a video making it compatible to play on their particular devices. These apps or websites also help you reduce file sizes and share videos on various platforms. With my Spectrum Internet, I get to easily use online video conversion software to convert and edit my videos. 

Here are a few video converters that can be used with various devices.

#1. Freemake Video Converter  

Freemake Video Converter is one of the best software. It offers many features that can be used to burn, edit, and trim, videos in addition to adding subtitles. It is an incredibly user-friendly and cost-effective solution offering a tremendous amount of functions under one banner. This app has an excellent feature exclusive to Apple users that allows them to upload their files to iTunes or iOS.

#2. Any Video Converter  

Any Video Converter is also considered among the best video converter apps because of its excellent format support features. It supports both Apple and Windows users. It can also convert videos from various online platforms such as Vimeo, and YouTube, etc. Its other amazing features include video trimming, adding special effects, cropping tools, and subtitle adding capability, etc. Its conversion quality makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors.

#3. Wondershare Video Converter

This video converter is quite efficient and effective when it comes to converting videos. It offers both a free and a paid version. The best thing is that both versions work incredibly well with various video formats. It supports both Windows and Mac users. The Wondershare video converter has the capacity to convert videos into VR as well as 4K format.

Its premium version is known as Wondershare Ultimate and has a lot of advanced features. It can support and process more than a thousand video formats. It offers features such as video editing, conversion, downloading, recording, gif making, and adding effects to videos, etc.

#4. Free Video Converter

A video converter is as good as its speed and conversion quality. That is why Free Video Converter is known as one of the best ones available in the market. Its interface is user-friendly because it is simple and clutter-free. It has the capacity to convert several videos in a batch in a matter of minutes. The only downside of this app is that its videos are always watermarked. Though the watermark doesn’t look bad or very intrusive, it shows people that you are using this particular software to enhance and convert your videos. However, the premium version of this software allows you to get rid of the watermark.

#5. Movavi Video Converter  

It is not surprising to find out that most video converters work slowly most of the time, even though they are free or paid. However, Movavi Video Converter is known for its speedy conversions making it one of the best ones. It is a paid software that allows you to convert, edit, trim, and add special effects to your videos with speed and agility. In addition to that, it supports the 4K format and offers a lot more editing-features.

In a Nutshell

Since all devices use a different type of video format, people often need a video converter and editor to watch and save videos. I often use a video converter to convert shows from some of my favorite Spectrum TV channels so, I can watch them later on my phone. Though video conversion apps are becoming more common, it is still difficult to find video converters that are easy to use and can be integrated with several devices.

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