5 Unexpected Benefits Of Eating Together As A Family

Many of us still sit down and eat dinner together as a family, however, there are plenty of people who do not still do this tradition. We forget how much it means to us. 

We often relate sitting down for dinner together as a posh thing, or something that is not done unless you have a posh dining table. However, this does not need to be the case. Even if you do not have a dining table you can do it. 

Sit down on the couch together and eat food, or if you have a breakfast nook, this works too. 

Why should you? Well, sitting down for dinner together has many more benefits than you may think, as you can see here: https://familykitchennow.com/emotional-benefits-of-eating-family-dinner-together/

Today, we will highlight five of the most unexpected benefits of eating as a family. If you have kids, this is definitely worth a read, because it really benefits growing children the most.

How Does Family Dinner Time Benefit You?

It may seem silly to say that eating dinner together as a family will bring a lot of benefits to you and your kids. Surely going out and doing family activities is better right? Well, sure, doing anything as a family is great. 

However, sitting down for dinner every day as a family does bring additional benefits, as it is on a regular basis and brings routine, healthy habits, and helps to distract against the more trying parts of day to day life as an adult or as a kid.

Here are the 5 benefits you did not expect.

#1. Kids Learn Good Eating Habits 

If you have kids they will benefit the most from this practice. Not only will they pick up good table etiquette, but they will also learn better eating habits too. 

Eating habits can mean the negative associations we have with junk food, eating too fast, and the potential for the development of eating disorders. 

Eating as a family slows down dinner time, gives you more healthy options, and if an eating disorder is on the horizon, you can notice sooner.

#2. Improvement Of Self Esteem In Kids

Regularly conversing and having intimate sit-down dinners with family members helped to give kids more confidence. 

Encourage your kids to talk about their day, and really listen. It helps them to communicate better and feel supported and heard. Ask them to help with chores such as cleaning up, and do it as a family. 

It helps to build bonds, and allows your child to feel like an equal in the house.

#3. Builds Up Communicative Skill Set

Even if we spend all day working alone, or working from home, being able to come home and talk to our family about our day is important. For kids this also helps. The more we interact positively with family the better our social interactions become. 

Our interactions are also likely to be more positive over dinner, as we are often happier when we are eating, more content, and we listen better too. Kids who have this kind of set-up with their families tend to do better in school and have better personal developments too. 

#4. Bullying Vs Family… Family Wins

Bullying is a hard thing to combat, whether it is happening to a child or an adult, it is not an easy thing to combat every time. Bullying and negative social interaction in school or the world leads to anxiety and depression. 

Eating together with family encourages openness, communication, and a place for support. No matter what is going on, the dinner table is a safe place, and it helps to be more capable of fighting off negative influences. 

When bullying is countered with a communicative and supportive family around the dinner table, the family will always win. We are stronger for having positive and supportive family interactions. 

#5. Bonding

Even if you are busy all day, working, studying, and getting things done, there is no need to wait until the weekend to socialize and have your family time. Sitting down for a meal together every day keeps your family bond strong, no matter how busy you are. 

Shared dinners as a habit can give an insight into the dynamics of a family and creates trust. 

It gives us a sense of security and togetherness. So, even if work, school, or college is stressful and difficult, family dinners can help to make it all feel much better, and help your mental health in the long term.