Writing the dissertation paper is not as easy as you think. You will need to be aware of the facts and facets related to it. It is a long form of writing, and thus the process will take time. 

If you think you can complete the whole paper within a day, you have the wrong concept. It is not just about the writing process, but it is also about your research skills. No matter how hard you try, your research will not complete within a day. 


Well, this is not just because the research is extensive, but finding truthful results for your research may take time. It can be two days or more than a week. When considering the writing process, it will be better to understand what is important for you, and based on your priorities, you can form a better strategy. 

This is where finding a better resolution to form a better thesis statement is always a wise option. Here we will solely focus on creating the thesis statement of a dissertation paper. 

What Are The Mistakes In The Thesis Statement?

If you can write well, that does not mean you are a good dissertation writer. In fact, completing the whole process might not be fruitful for you if you do not know the particular tactics. 

Well, all the tactics start from creating your thesis statement, and thus here, our main concern is to help you form better thesis statements by avoiding mistakes. You will only be able to form a better thesis statement once you have admitted the mistakes. Without understanding the mistakes, you may not find your resolution to the thesis statement. 

So, here we have discussed some prominent thesis statement issues or mistakes to make you aware. 

Writing A Broader Thesis Statement

Writing a broader thesis statement seems to be a prominent strategy to many writers, but here quantity does not matter. 

In fact, the thesis statement was never about the volume of it but its completeness to your content. If you prepare a thesis statement that illustrates the concern and concept of your dissertation, then there is no reason to prepare the whole paper, but the readers will try to assume it from your statement. 

This is why never try to prepare a broad thesis statement, but you can make it concise rather. Prepare two to three lines of thesis statements, and that will be enough to express the value of your research. 

No Connection

In most cases, the writers fail to create a proper thesis statement that follows a proper connection to the whole subject matter. If you cannot keep relevance to the rest of your dissertation, then there is no point in making a thesis statement. 

The main point of creating a thesis statement is to make readers aware of your main concern with the whole paper. If they cannot understand what you are trying to depict in the whole paper, then you should not form such content for the thesis statement. 

This is a big mistake for any writer, and thus you will need to be aware of the facts and facets related to your thesis statement and create connections. 

Using A Wrong Format

Using the wrong format for writing a thesis statement is also another common mistake of writers. Over the years, they have been following the same mistakes, and thus most of them still don’t find why they are getting poor reviews or remarks on their dissertation paper. 

Conducting a thesis statement of an argumentative dissertation may differ from the thesis statement of a persuasive paper.

Try to follow the particular form of the dissertation and then prepare the thesis statement accordingly. 

If you are still confused about the format, you can simply go for dissertation services that are efficient enough in formatting not only your thesis statement but also the whole dissertation paper.

Writing A Factual Thesis Statement

Most writers think that being factual is being formal, and that is how they can form a better thesis statement. However, this is not how things work for a dissertation paper. In fact, if you try to be factual, there is no point in doing research on the subject matter. 

So, try to be argumentative as much as you can and form the statement in that particular manner. 

The readers will see the point of reading the whole paper if you are argumentative, and that is how the whole process works. So don’t be factual but be argumentative.

Using Complex Phrases

Using complex phrases might seem to be a perfect idea for many writers. If you are on the same path, then unfortunately, you are on the wrong track. The readers do not want to work hard. No one is willing to find out the meaning of words from a dictionary or search on Google to understand your thesis statement. 

When you are on the go to prepare your thesis statement, keep the reader’s view in mind and try to make it simple and easy to read. With more readability and simple words, you can create better thesis statements.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Thesis Statement?

Writing a thesis statement is not just dependent on you but also on the readers. So, the more you focus on creating your thesis statement, the better you can do from a dissertation paper. 

Well, it’s not a people;’s choice, but being comparative and allowing all sorts of points of view may help you to generate a better thesis statement. 

After you have gone through the prominent mistakes of the thesis statement, it’s time to focus on your writing process and manage the statement first. Here we have some suggestions for you to create your thesis statement like a pro.

  • Consider an arguable thesis statement.
  • Create your own original thesis statement.
  • Try to ensure a concise thesis statement.
  • Avoid being general.
  • Focus more on the objectives of your dissertation paper.
  • Claim through it and be obvious about it.

Follow these tactics, and do not get confused while creating the thesis statement of your dissertation paper.

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