Are you looking to launch your very first cleaning business? Do you know exactly what you need? We are here to help!

What else do you need besides cleaning solutions for business cleaning services? Well, actually, a lot. From dustpans to mops to aprons, we have got you covered.

Starting Your Cleaning Business

Starting a new business involves more than just cleaning supplies. Your new business will need branding, business cards, and uniforms! Do not forget you will need to track payments, bills, and insurance from a laptop or tablet.

What else do I need to know?

Be sure to contact your clients to ensure any product cleaning preferences are met. Although it is easier and more organized to clean with your own products, some clients will have preferences from multi-purpose cleaner to organizing details.

Be sure you sit with a new client and outline all their needs and expectations.

This list compiles all the most necessary products to get your domestic cleaning business off the ground. Here are all the supplies you will need to get started:

1. Vacuum

Of course, you will need a vacuum, but make sure your vacuum of choice has attachments for hardwood and carpet. Many vacuums that are on the market today have multi-surface attachments that will elevate your cleaning ability.

2. Duster

One of the most important cleaning jobs is dusting. Why? Dusting removes the build-up of allergens in the home and keeps the air fresh.

Be sure to work from the top down for the most effective dusting method. Remember to dust once a week for the best results!

If you are looking for a more high-tech dust solution system, visit this link: https://www.dpfpartsdirect.com/collections/cleaning-equipment.

3. Sponges & Microfiber Cloths

Use sponges for cleaning various surfaces and dishes. You can never have enough sponges.

Microfiber cloths can clean almost anything. The cloths are gentle enough to clean mirrors and windows and strong enough to clean tables and sinks.

4. Multipurpose Cleaner

A multipurpose cleaner is a great cleaning basic to have on hand. Use this cleaner for floors, windows, and all home surfaces.

From toilet cleaner to dish soap to bleach, handle all multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants with care. Be sure always to wear protective gloves when using these products. When you finish cleaning, be sure to store all chemicals in a cool, dry place.

5. Mop & Bucket

A vacuum cannot do it all. After vacuuming, mix water and the appropriate floor cleaner and mop all floors. A mop will pick up any remaining dirt left on the floor and ensure the surface is spotless. Plus, mopping will keep the hardwood looking healthy.

Your Cleaning Business Should Always Be Prepared!

Some other things you need for your cleaning business are protective rubber gloves, a cleaning caddy, trash bags, and a cleaning uniform. If you like to mix your own cleaning products for floors, surfaces, and windows, ensure you have extra spray bottles on hand.

Using your own cleaning materials will allow you to clean faster, expand product life, and keep your cleaning business organized and professional!

For tips on how to start a cleaning business or some cleaning life hacks, visit the rest of our blog!

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