5 Tips on How to Introduce Your Dog to New People

Whether you recently adopted a dog or have one who hasn’t been social in a while, introducing your dog to new people shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Even if your dog has been friendly in the past, it’s always a good idea to tread lightly. You want both your furry pal and your friends to feel comfortable around one another. So, to make sure everything goes smoothly, you should follow a few guidelines. 

Check out these tips on how to make an introduction between your pup and new people go well! 

1. Keep Your Dog on a Short Leash

Whether you meet at your home or elsewhere, you should keep your dog on a leash. Having a leash on him will give him time to get used to new people. 

If your dog is small, you may not have to have a leash on him. You can hold him as long as he doesn’t jump out of your arms. 

Assuming you keep your dog on a leash, it’ll allow you to take control of him. For example, you can slowly guide him over to new people and see how he responds by using a leash.

If he doesn’t act threatened by your friends, you should be able to take him off leash and allow him to roam freely. 

But it’d be best if you are fully confident he’ll behave before taking him off leash.

2. Let Your Guests Feed Him a Treat 

If your dog tends to be shy around new people, having your guests give him a treat can help. 

You don’t want your friends to have your dog take the treat out of their hands, though. It’s best to wait to see how the meeting goes, first. Then, if your pup needs some encouragement, they can put out a treat. This simple act will convey that they’re friendly and have a special snack he may enjoy! 

You can also use a treat to reinforce good behavior. If your dog does well during the meeting, you can give him the treat to reward him. Moving forward, do this every time, and he’ll get the gist that being nice to friends equals getting a treat! 

3. Let Him Take the Lead

You never want to force your dog to meet new people, especially if he’s frightened. It may take him a while to warm up to people he’s never been around before.

Let him take the lead, provided you keep him on a leash. He may want to sniff your guests’ hands or sit to the side and observe for a while. It’s okay to let him call the shots.

If he starts acting out for some reason, you may need to put him in a separate room for a while. Keeping both him and your guests comfortable and safe should be your top priority. 

If it turns out, he’s unable to be around people the first time, cut him some slack. Having the same people over a few times should get him used to their company. In time, hopefully, he’ll be more open to socializing with your guests. 

4. Act Friendly Around Your Guests 

Dogs take cues from their owners, so if you’re friendly, chances are he’ll see your friends are not a threat. 

So, before introducing your dog, take a few minutes to greet your friends. A hug, smile, and having a friendly conversation can do wonders. 

When a dog observes your friendly behavior, he should have an easier time warming up to everyone. 

5. Ease His Anxiety 

Some dogs have a lot of anxiety and trust issues, so meeting new people may be a big deal. If your dog struggles with meeting new people, you may want to consider trying CBD. CBD for dogs comes in tinctures, capsules, and edible treats. So, depending on your dog’s preference, you can administer CBD in various ways. 

Try giving your pooch a treat half an hour before guests arrive to help him calm down. Then, hopefully, it’ll chill him out enough so he’ll be more willing to socialize with new people. 

Not only does CBD help with anxiety, but it may help with a host of other issues your dog may have. From ear infections to obesity, CBD may be just the ticket to improving your dog’s health

When in doubt, though, consult with your vet before introducing something new to his system. 


Introducing your dog to new people won’t always go smoothly, but these tips should help. First, remember to be patient with your furry pal and take it easy on him. If he’s new to the family, it may take him a while to get used to sharing you with other people. 

By being patient and observing his behavior, together, you should be able to come up with a system. Your dog doesn’t have to be besties with every person you meet, but he should be well-behaved. 

Pay attention to your dog’s behaviors, and treat him with love and kindness. There’s no doubt your dog will learn to trust you and greet new people with open paws.