5 Tips How to See Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously

Every day, 500 million users share their Stories on Instagram. Some post photos and videos to public profiles, while others hide their content from strangers. Sometimes there is a need to view someone’s Instagram post or Stories without identifying yourself. But you cannot do it through the app itself, as Instagram identifies all logged accounts. Whether it is romantic interest or curiosity, people have their reasons to view others’ Stories without being traced. 

If you are one of them, learn how to see someone’s Instagram Story anonymously. Common ways how to see someone’s Instagram story keeping your privacy include popular apps, browser extensions, and Inflact web-service Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each method.

Don’t Get Tracked — Learn How to See Someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously  

1. Inflact Story Viewer for Instagram 

A complimentary online resource that allows seeing any Instagram Stories completely in private. The main benefit is that the service is available for anyone, even those who don’t have an IG account. One doesn’t have to create any fake IDs or download suspicious applications and share your personal data with third parties. You can not only inspect Stories from public profiles anonymously.  Now you can even view content from people who blocked you before. Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer allows you not to appear in the records of watchers. The service is compatible with any device, you can use it in your browser on a mobile device or computer. Stories Downloader option lets monitoring up to twenty profiles and view Stories after 24 hours. The service saves published content on the dedicated server for seven days. You can search, watch or download other people’s Stories without login into your account or even having one.

2.  Dedicated websites.

Websites like Insta Stor and Gramotool allow owners of any device to follow Stories confidentially. One doesn’t have to download any apps or connect his/her personal account. The only thing required is pasting a link to the desired profile into the search window. The available contents will appear in the new window. However, that only functions for public profiles. It is impossible to see Stories from hidden pages.

3. Fake accounts.

Creating a new profile is quick and easy. Only a few minutes is enough. Just click on the “Username” at the top of your page, select “Add Account” and follow the prompts. Instagram mobile apps allow switching between multiple profiles instantly right on your personal page tab. The same phone number can be used to generate multiple IG accounts. But don’t connect your Facebook profile to avoid identification. Like the previous method, a new IG account lets you view only public profiles’ Stories.

4. Browser extension.

The IG Story extension allows anonymity when watching IG TV and following Stories.

This method is only available for desktop computer owners, as the extension is not compatible with the mobile browser. It is available for download from the Google Web store. To stay invisible, select the mode “Anonymous viewing enabled”.

5. Applications for Android and iOS.

There are multiple apps that allow seeing other people’s stories on Instagram. In 100% of cases, such apps require connecting a user’s IG account, which actually means being identified.  One should be aware of the risks related to connecting your personal dates to third-party apps. As a result, the account might be hacked or blocked. Moreover, once such applications might stop working anonymously in the future.

Now you know, how to see someone’s Instagram Story anonymously. In conclusion, if you wish to stay incognito when you browse through your ex’s or competitor’s Stories on Instagram, remember about personal data security.  Use only safe and legal instruments to keep your confidentiality.