Even though we all wish to buy the latest sports car, not all of us can actually afford to do that. Conventional sports can start at a price of about $20,000 and can go up to the millions.

Fortunately, there are ways to make our average car look sporty and gorgeous. If you’re thinking of how to accomplish this feat, here are 5 easy ways!

1. Install new wheels

Most car owners go for the speakers first and upgrade them to the latest version of stereo speakers. But this alone won’t give your car a sporty look. Go for the wheels instead first. You want to make your car look athletic and changing the wheels should be at the top of your list.

But just like with a new haircut, a change of wheels can completely change the look of your car. If you choose the right kind of wheels, it will look amazing.

Depending on the manufacturer of your car, you’ll receive a wide range of wheel types to choose from. Such a range often demands exceptional quality so don’t hold back on the money then.

2. Give it a good wax

Another important aspect of a good car is to make it look clean. Unless the car is polished and slick, it won’t look or feel sporty no matter what other modifications you do to it.

This, of course, goes back to the care taken by the owner that has to do with the overall sportiness of the car. For an immediate solution, give it a nice coat of wash and wax.

Even if your home water supply gives you hard water, you can still wash your car quite comfortably. If you don’t have the time, tools, or even the interest to do this yourself, you can consider taking the car to a professional. The prices of wax might be slightly greater but the finishing will be top-class.

3. Have paint job done

When it comes to beauty, we often do so much. Just like a facelift can transform a human’s face, having a paint job done to your car can do the same to it.

Choose any color that you like and give it a good sporty design. Reverse the years of damage done to your car and give it a youthful and athletic vibe instead.

For some extra style, you can even consider vinyl wrap. My friend recently got a makeover for her car and sported a car wrap Melbourne and it looked stunning. Most automobile shops will also give you great suggestions if you’re not sure of which colors or shades to choose from.

4. Add light strips

There’s just something about light strips that can attract anyone to a good car. Adding an adhesive strip of light can be done almost anywhere to the car to make it look ten times cooler.

However, it’s a wise idea to tuck it around the legroom of the vehicle, out of the conventional sight. In most cases, these can be plugged right into your USB plug or cigarette lighter even. Just grab the remote that comes with it and change the appearance according to your wishes.

Accroding to SuncentAuto, an online auto parts store covering car lighting, dark blue can be an ideal color for the interiors. Many people add light strips to the exterior of the car but in most cases, that’s illegal.

5. Tint the windows

Tinted windows are just like a rite of passage for most sports cars. Based on your preference, you can tint the windows in just about any car. Not only do tinted windows look awesome but they also serve some great purposes.

The most obvious of these is that it provides you with a good degree of protection from the sun’s rays. It also saves your car’s interiors and gives you the kind of privacy that you might require while driving.

However, be sure about the restrictions imposed by your locality before you go ahead and add a tint. Many places allow only up to a certain degree of tint for safety purposes, so make sure you know all these.

Over to you…

There you have it, 5 sure-shot ways to make your car look sporty and incredibly amazing. These methods cost quite little and can be done to any car model, so don’t hesitate to try them out!

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