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5 Telltale Signs You Need to Call a Tax Attorney Immediately

Almost half of Americans give the IRS an unfavorable rating when it comes to collecting taxes. If you have a troubled relationship with the tax man, you may need to call a tax attorney.

Knowing when to hire a tax lawyer can save you a big headache and tons of money. You will be better off with a lawyer on your side if you are to deal with an IRS tax attorney coming after you.

The following five telltale signs highlight when it is essential to hire a tax attorney. Hiring a tax attorney isn’t always necessary, but if any of the following things happen it becomes so.

1. You Owe Back Taxes

If the IRS has determined that you owe them back taxes, you should hire a lawyer. Only a certified specialist can go to bat for you if you think this determination is in error.

Even if you do owe some back taxes, a tax attorney may be able to get the amount you owe reduced. The only way to find out is to call one if you owe back taxes.

2. You Get Audited

An IRS audit can be a prelude to some major legal consequences. If you face an audit, it is always a good idea to call a tax lawyer. Even if nothing comes of the audit, having a lawyer on deck will give you peace of mind.

If something more serious arises from your audit, your lawyer will be there to assist you in your time of need. Getting one on your side at the first sign of an audit will help you avoid scrambling in desperation if the worst should happen.

3. Call a Tax Attorney to Deal With Fraud

If you are found guilty of tax fraud, there will be some major legal consequences. Tax fraud can be as simple as forgetting to report some income to the IRS. If the IRS thinks you are fraudulent, call a lawyer right away.

4. You Face Injustice

If you think you are being bullied or accused of any sort of wrongdoing when it comes to your taxes, you must call a lawyer. Injustice occurs at the hands of the IRS all the time. Don’t be a victim, get the legal help you deserve.

5. You Are Starting a Business

If you are starting a business, or are thinking about self-incorporating you should call a tax attorney. The process of starting your own business can be fraught with red tape.

Having the right lawyer on your side can help you slice through it. A lawyer will know all the legal hoops to jump through when it comes to starting your business and dealing with its taxes.

Don’t Take on the IRS Alone

A tax attorney can be your best friend and legal guide when it comes to all of your tax troubles. Don’t try to take on the IRS alone or you end up with some serious legal consequences.

If you face any of the five situations discussed in this article, you should call a tax attorney right away. That way, when tax season rolls around you will have nothing to worry about. For other information like this check out our blog!