5 SEO Marketing Strategies For Startups To Get Organic Traffic

If your website or business is relatively new, chances are that it hasn’t received much organic traffic. However, don’t lose heart. Creating helpful content in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take a lot of time and patience. SEO for startups isn’t that easy because your website hasn’t received a high domain authority yet.

However, a proper SEO marketing strategy is extremely essential if you want your website to do well. In fact, 61% of B2B marketers claim that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other methods. If you want organic traffic for your startup, here are five great marketing strategies.

1. Write long-form articles

If you write thousands of words centered around a single topic in an article, Google will see this as a valuable resource. A long-form article is one that generally shoots above 2000 words and these kinds of articles appear the most in search results.

Usually, any content between 2000-2450 words claims the first and second positions in the search results. In order to make your own long-form article, you need to do a fair amount of research and see some keywords that rank under 0.5 on Google’s Competition Index.

The competition index ranges from 0 (no competition) to 1 (highest competition). If you use keywords that are below 0.5, your articles have a much higher chance of appearing on the results page.

2. Use comparison keywords

In any industry or company, there is quite a lot of comparison involved. For example, is software A better than software B? Is product C better than product D? It might seem strange, but these are some of the best keywords you can incorporate because they have lower competition. This means that not many people are willing to bid on these paid ads or rank organically.

If you wish to use this SEO tactic effectively, think through some products or things that your buyers would want- competitors, products, events, blogs, etc. This is just a basic list but you can add anything and everything that you wish, including categories, frameworks, and ideas!

3. Create guestographics

Brian Dean of Backlinko first coined this term. Haven’t heard of it ever? Don’t worry, we’ll explain this to you. The main idea behind creating guestographics is to share an infographic that you’ve created in a strategic way.

First. Create an infographic that you think might be useful to the audience out there. Next, find other websites that write about this infographic’s topic and email them, asking if they wish to see your infographic or not.

Give them the link to your post and watch as they create a backlink with every published post of theirs! If you use guestographics wisely, you’ll see huge growth in organic traffic, as well as an increase in organic search traffic.

4. Employ internal linking

Internal linking basically means bringing together all your blog posts and utilizing them in a proper way via internal linking. When Google web crawlers crawl through your website, it will search if there’s any connection among your blogs or not.

If they see there’s a link between blog X and blog Y, they will strengthen your keyword rankings, which will help to increase organic traffic on your site. In the SEO context, this entire concept is known as link juice, where authority from one particular post is shared with its linked post.

5. Create videos

Adding videos to blog posts can make all the difference. If you create videos of longer length, your search rankings can greatly improve.

Your audience can consume the information on your site in a more comprehensive way and this will better the accessibility of your website. If you wish to know some great video creating tips for your SEO marketing strategy, visit Studiohawk Sydney.

It has been ranked Australia’s largest specialised SEO agency and helps you to find organic search opportunities by giving you amazing tips and tricks. Studiohawk isn’t just your average SEO company; it helps startup-owners to find their place in the world of search rankings.

Over to you…

These five SEO marketing strategies are crucial if you want your startup to fetch organic traffic. If you implement these tips with patience and devotion, your site will gather a lot of buyers and interested customers in a short time. For more help regarding SEO marketing strategies, contact Studiohawk.