More than 48 million people today use cannabis. Smoke is still the method of choice for many, but other products like vapes and edibles are also popular.

One of the biggest appeals of legalized cannabis is that you’re no longer buying it off the street. This means that you have the assurance that your products have been tested so that you’re consuming safe cannabis that won’t hurt you or cause health issues.

You must test cannabis as a prerequisite for selling it, but what do the labs and professionals test for? Here is what you should know about the types of cannabis tests and the information that you’ll find out.

1. Test Cannabis for Impurities

Companies have cannabis testing options, but it’s mandatory to get the products tested for impurities. The purity test makes sure that your cannabis isn’t contaminated by microbes or different types of bacteria.

It’s a required test for compliance, and it prevents cannabis products from being recalled.

2. Learn About the Chemical Content and Potency

You have to also study the chemical content of your cannabis. Start with the study of the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in the plant.

This is important for consumers, since they’ll know how potent their cannabis is, and can consider their tolerance. Sativa strains typically have higher THC content than Indicas strains, which generally have higher CBD content.

weed tester kit will tell you everything you need to know about the potency of the cannabis that you’re dealing with. You need this information for your products to be labeled correctly and to remain in compliance.

3. Check for Mold and Other Problems

Your cannabis plants must also be inspected for mold and other types of fungus. This growth can eat away at the plant and cause it to die or suffer illnesses.

These tests will give you an idea about how fresh your cannabis is and whether it’s viable for the market.

4. Find Out if Pesticides or Other Chemicals Were Used

The tests will also reveal whether anything contaminated the cannabis during the growth process. Some growers might use pesticides, fungicides, or other types of chemicals.

To sell cannabis legally, you must ensure it tests beneath a certain threshold. This lets you know whether the cannabis is safe to consume or whether it can cause any adverse health effects.

5. Determine What Other Cannabinoids Are Present

Finally, consider the natural chemicals found in the plant, and in what quantity.

Manufacturers must list CBD and THC content, but there are more than 100 other cannabinoids that might be present. Listing the other cannabinoids, such as CBG and Delta 8 THC, will teach you more about the plant and what effects you might hope to get from it.

This is particularly important if you’re using cannabis for medical or therapeutic reasons.

The Importance of the Cannabis Test

It’s important to test cannabis so that the market is clean, fair, and above board. This way, people can enjoy their cannabis to their heart’s content, whether it’s medical or recreational.

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