5 Reasons To Hire a Dedicated Team from Ukraine

The dedicated team model is widely used in IT outsourcing today — thousands of companies around the globe choose this approach due to the enormous advantages it can offer. Eastern Europe has become a popular destination for IT outsourcing: the pioneering tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Intel chose the Eastern European developers as their outsourcing partners. Ukraine is one of the leading IT outsourcing locations in Eastern Europe, providing software solutions for the US, the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and many other countries. Why do so many companies choose to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine? Well, there are some compelling reasons for that. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Remarkable English Skills

Clear communication is critical for the successful delivery of any software development project, and it’s no surprise that companies are concerned about the potential challenges that the language barrier can create. However, there’s nothing to worry about. Due to the low demand for software development in Ukraine, IT students realize that they need to have a decent level of English to work on foreign projects, so they devote plenty of time and effort to learning the language. Many Ukrainian IT companies, such as Intelvision, included fluent English in their job requirements to ensure smooth communication with their overseas clients.

In addition, Ukrainian IT companies encourage their staff members to constantly improve their level of English by offering free in-house English courses. Apart from software engineers, you can expect project managers, business analysts, solution architects, and team leads to have an advanced English proficiency level, meaning that you won’t have any issues getting detailed reports and discussing any project-related aspects.

  • Reasonable Rates

Another reason that makes Ukraine a popular location for hiring a dedicated team is a favorable price-quality ratio, which allows the Ukrainian IT industry to compete with the US and most European countries. More than that, partnering with a dedicated team vendor in Ukraine often appears more cost-efficient than in other top Eastern European outsourcing destinations such as Poland or Czechia.

  • Impressive talent pool

Ukraine boasts a massive network of tech talent. According to Beetroot’s 2021 Teach Market Report, Ukraine crossed the mark of 200,000 tech specialists in 2021, making it the second-largest IT hub in Europe, following Poland with 275,000 specialists. Ukrainian developers demonstrate excellent technical proficiency — they rank seventh according to the level of technical knowledge in the world (Coursera Global Skills report for 2021).

With the exciting career opportunities it creates, IT education is immensely popular in Ukraine. Ukrainian developers are noted for their strong technical education background. Fair enough, as Ukraine is home to a number of world-class universities with STEM programs. Six Ukrainian universities were featured among the top higher education institutes in the QS World Universities Rankings 2021. Most of the Ukrainian educational establishments maintain IT-related programs. According to Beetroot, there were a whopping 36,000 tech graduates in Ukraine in 2021.

The vast talent pool of qualified tech specialists allows vendors to assemble dedicated teams to best meet your business needs and goals.

  • Excellent Location

What is more, it’s easy to visit your dedicated team in Ukraine due to its convenient geolocation. Ukraine has 21 international airports that connect the country with most European, Asian, and American cities. Actually, a flight from most Western European cities takes around 2–3 hours. Besides, residents of 62 countries aren’t required to get a visa to visit Ukraine.

Ukraine is in the Eastern European Standard Time Zone (GMT+2), which is an obvious advantage for European clients — their business hours almost coincide with the working hours of their dedicated teams in Ukraine. A considerable difference in time zones has never been a challenge for the US clients either: Ukrainian teams are incredibly flexible, and there are no issues arranging a call at a time convenient for the client. Anyway, a 7-hour time difference between Ukraine and the East Coast is way more convenient if compared to other popular IT outsourcing destinations, for instance, India or the Philippines.

  • Enormous IT Potential

Last but not least, the Ukrainian IT sector demonstrates a massive potential for further development. It is growing in volume and quality, driving foreign companies to outsource software development to Ukraine and leverage the incredible benefits it provides. The world’s tech leaders such as Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, Gameloft, Huawei, Siemens, Google, and many others already have their R&D centers in Ukraine.

In addition to the world-class companies that entrust software development to Ukrainian teams, Ukraine is famous for several globally recognized startups such as GitLab, Grammarly, People.ai, Reface, and Restream.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Ukraine is a promising IT outsourcing destination for a number of reasons. Fluent English, moderate rates, highly-qualified developers, and an innovative approach to development make Ukraine an attractive solution if you seek to hire a dedicated team for your next big project.