5 Proven Tips To Get On TikTok For You Page

TikTok is an excellent marketing tool to create brand awareness and attract targeted customers through different marketing tactics. Whether you want to grow your profile or brand following, you need to buy likes and views. In a social media marketing platform, you have to put more effort into standing out in front of your competitors. A beginner may not get more likes and views during the starting stage, or few people can’t find the ways even after followers. When you see competitors are getting likes and views, and find that their videos come on the “For You Page,” you may be disappointed. Additionally, accounts with a high number of followers, views, and likes will reach millions of people compared to those who have lower than that. When you want to promote your business, search for how to buy TikTok views and likes?. You can refer to the many options available in the market, and choose one of the best websites that provide safe and secure service. The For You Page(FYP) on this platform is the first thing you may notice when you open an application. TikTok algorithm brings the list of recommended videos to this page based on some metrics. FYP of this app is different from other social media platforms, and you can watch unknown videos from popular accounts. These videos list based on the content quality, views, likes, and shares. In this article, we will give you tips to get your videos on For You Page on this platform, and you can follow these tips to help your content outshine.

Post Short And High-Quality Videos

People may skip the long video, so try to post shorter videos with engaging content. So, you can take videos from 15 seconds to three minutes on this platform. However, the first few minutes are a crucial moment of your video that entertains and engages your audience. According to a study, 1/3 of viewers will switch to another video after 30 seconds of video. So make your video as short as possible, and include all the important stuff in the first few seconds.

Additionally, videos under 30 seconds are more likely to be on FYP because the audience would like to rewatch short and understandable videos. So how to make shorter videos on TikTok? 

  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon
  • You can see the 15s, the 60s, and 3 minutes at the bottom of your screen. Choose one among them, and ensure that you record a video that doesn’t take more than your desired time duration. 
  • You can reduce your content by dragging the borders at the bottom of your screen. Make shorter videos but include all necessary content that entertains your audience.

Users would like to watch high clarity and quality content, and those content works better to get featured on For You Page. So, if possible, record your video with high-definition recording devices.

Post Your Content On Other Platforms

Do you want to share your videos with followers? If you have many followers on other social media platforms, you can follow this tip to develop your audience. Even though this platform is an emerging trend in social media, few people still hesitate to download it. So you should bring those users from other social media platforms to see your TikTok content. 

  • Tap on the “share” button on the side of the video screen.
  • Choose one among other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Repurpose your content and get more views


Hashtags help categorize your content and increase web traffic, but selecting effective hashtags plays a prominent role. When you scroll on FYP, you may observe a popular hashtag represented in the video. If users search for videos relevant to their needs, they also start to watch your video. So, all creators are working to spot FYP, and how do you pick the best hashtag to compete with them?

  • Pick relevant hashtags
  • Latest trendy hashtags that match your niche
  • Combine popular and less popular hashtags
  • Participate in a famous hashtag challenge
  • You can use #ForYou or #fyp.

Add Sound Effects

Many creators are posting regularly to gain the targeted audience’s attention, so in what way are you different from other competitors? Using trendy sound effects may help spice up your video and develop more viewers. Once you acquire more followers, there is a chance to get featured on the FYP for some users. So, what should you do to add the effects and sounds for your video? To add effects and sounds, try to enable the below settings.

  • Go to the ‘Discover tab’ on this application
  • The application will list trendy effects, hashtags, and sound
  • Click on ‘add to favorites.’
  • The effect is available when you are on the record page

Buy TikTok Views

Even though hashtags, captions, and video quality are essential for the content, you struggle to get on FYP. Need not worry, and you have a bright spot to feature on FYP on this platform despite all doom and gloom. If you are searching to find the route to get top, try to buy views from the different sites. The algorithm fetches the content based on views and huge followers accounts. However, if you post low-quality content, it could increase the red flags and suspend your content.

Wrapping Up

According to marketing profs, TikTok is the 7th most popular social media engine worldwide, so creators or business owners can use this effective platform to get more brand visibility. To showcase your talent on this platform, you have to understand the hacks explained in this article that works well on this platform. Follow the tips mentioned above to hack algorithms and get featured on the “For You Page.”