5 Phone Hacks and Tricks You Should Try Today

When you think of “phone hacks” it’s usually something you think you want to avoid. But what if you’re the one hacking your phone for more usability?

We promise that none of it takes any coding or technical experience.

Want to know how the top five phone hacks and tricks you need to try on your phone? Keep reading to find our top picks!

1. iOS and Android: Schedule Your Dark Mode

On iOS you can now do this by going into Settings and then choosing Display. At the top there’s a toggle for Dark Mode, but toggle it to automatic. You now have an option beneath it to change it to a custom schedule.

Since Android 11, automatic dark mode during sunset is baked in. To change the schedule from sun-based dark mode, go to settings, display, dark theme, and tap schedule. Simple as that!

2. Android: Sideload Apps or Install From Browser

You’re on a review site on your browser and don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for it again on Google Play. We understand.

Instead, open a new browser tab and search for the app. On the Google results page, there’s almost always an install link next to the app you can hit. If your browser is connected to your Google account, it’ll go straight to installing.

Likewise, some app APK files are only available for “sideloading,” such as Fortnight. For this, you’ll have to go to settings and enable installation from unknown sources. We warn you, only do this for 100% trusted sources!

Although, this is much easier on both an unlocked phone running Android and iOS.

3. iOS: QR Code Shortcut

Now one for iOS only — a QR code shortcut you won’t be able to live without. All you have to do is swipe down from the top right to get to your control center. Next, tap on the small QR code button and scan away.

4. iOS and Android: Widgets

Android users are no strangers to widgets, but more often than not we forget about the utility of these great little home screen additions.

For iOS users, though, this is completely new since iOS 14’s release. Tap and hold until you can edit the home screen. Tap “add” in the top left and select a widget, select a size, and then “add widget” and tap “Done” to confirm.

5. iOS and Android: Airplane Mode Magic

Airplane mode for iOS and Android has some tricks up its sleeve.

Ever get tired of ads between levels on your favorite game, or in the middle of an episode on some streaming app? Just before you know an ad is coming, hit airplane mode. The ads will lose their chance to be loaded and tracked by the app, time out quick, and return to the player or game.

Turning airplane mode on while you’re charging on the go will also save your phone from using juice as it’s filling up. This makes it charge “faster” since you’ll probably not be using it while it’s charging in public.

Don’t forget to turn airplane mode back on, though, or you’ll be unable to keep streaming.

The Phone Hacks and Tricks You Didn’t Know You Needed

These phone hacks and tricks are extremely useful for both iOS and Android devices. Don’t let the word “hack” turn you off to the possibilities. There are hundreds of little tricks like these that can change your life!

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