5 Paint Colours to Increase your Home’s Value

Paint has the ability to radically transform a room, and it’s a very quick and inexpensive upgrade when compared to other home improvement chores. The pay-off from a few cans of paint can be substantial, depending on the colour you choose, and it could amount to a few thousand dollars if you’re looking to sell your home. In this post, we will give you the best 5 colours that you can choose to increase your home’s value!

  1. Neutral Colours for the Living Room

The living room is obviously the most important space in your house. This is where the entire family can sit and relax. You also entertain your guests in the living room. As it is a common space, it’s best to keep things neutral. Go for a crisp white colour or beige. Gray is also a great choice but make sure that you use the right shade. Light neutral colours can make the space feel larger and more relaxing. 

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  1. Dark and Luxurious colours for the Bedroom

The bedroom is where a person can relax and unwind. You can play with personal taste but dark and luxurious colours are among the best options. These colours can make you pampered and also enhance the vibe of your bedroom. Try a dark, royal blue or a rich, elegant magenta. They are aesthetically pleasing and they are warm to the eyes.

  1. Yellow for the Balcony

The balcony is among the most important space but it’s often overlooked as a space that needs decoration. We recommend yellow as the perfect colour for your balcony. Yellow is a warm and happy colour that makes you feel energetic and optimistic. Whether or not your balcony faces the sun, having some yellow can always create an uplifting mood.

  1. Light Blue for the Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most used space in your house. Light soothing colours are best for the bathroom to create a relaxing aura. Light Blue has been among the most preferred colours. As a light colour, it makes the space feel more open. Blue is the best choice because of its relaxing and comforting vibe. 

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  1. Orange for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the space where you can cook amazing recipes and fulfil your hunger. We recommend orange which has the unique quality to increase appetite. The warm colour also has a refreshing vibe that will match the energy of the kitchen. Similarly, you may use red with a combination of white accents. Or else, you can try yellow. Make sure that you choose the right colour intensity according to the spatial dimensions. 

These were some of the best colours to increase the value of the home. Whether you are repainting your home to sell or to live in, these colours are the best choice according to popular attention. Try them out and notice the change for yourself!