5 of the Best Franchises to Own

5 of the Best Franchises to Own (1)

Statistics show that there are over 712,274 franchise owners in the US. The majority of franchise owners are men, making up 69% of all owners in the US.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may be interested in the best franchises. This changes every year, which is why you need to stay up-to-date with this information.

To buy a profitable franchise, you need to understand what makes a good franchise. This guide will tell you everything you need to know for this year.

Keep reading to find out what the best franchises are in 2023.

1. McDonald’s

When you are buying a franchise, there are a lot of options to consider. One of the best franchise opportunities is a very recognizable fast food chain.

McDonald’s is one of the more expensive franchises available. But this is understandable since it is one of the most recognizable fast food brands.

McDonald’s is located all around the world and is beloved by many fans. Many people are able to get back their investment because this is such a profitable franchise.

If you could find a well-trafficked area, McDonald’s is sure to be a hit. You just need to make sure there isn’t much competition around when it comes to fast food.

This is also a franchise that has shown consistent results for franchise owners. It is not likely to go out of style since there will always be a demand for fast food.

2. Sonic

Starting a franchise comes down to understanding what sells. One surefire way of success is choosing a food franchise.

Sonic is a good example of this as it is a staple fast food location. Most people are aware of the Sonic brand, and it has a very dedicated following.

There are franchises in many states in the US with recognizable menu items. There are always opportunities to open more locations since more people want access to it.

To get back your investment, you just need to follow the same path regarding McDonald’s. Pick a popular area that has a limited amount of competition.

The good thing about Sonic is that it doesn’t have as many competitors as McDonald’s. It offers a more unique variety of food and drink options than the average fast food restaurant.

3. Planet Fitness

It is important to do your research because demands change by the year. For instance, in 2023, people are very interested in gym locations.

One of the most recognizable gym brands is Planet Fitness. This is an affordable workout facility that provides all of the basics and a welcoming atmosphere.

Planet Fitness is a trusted brand that most gym-goers prefer. It is relatively affordable to operate and doesn’t require too much prior experience.

If you can find a location with a demand for fitness centers, you are almost guaranteed success.

4. Anytime Fitness

Maybe you don’t want to go into a food franchise. If that is the case, you have plenty of other options to take advantage of.

One of these options is Anytime Fitness. This is a fitness franchise that is extremely hot right now among gym-goers.

This franchise has a strong focus on group workouts and other workout equipment options. It also offers the availability for people to work out whenever they like.

The name is very recognizable, and the operating costs are very low. It would be quite hard to not get back your investment when buying this franchise.

You just need to make sure you pick a location where gyms are in demand and there are limited competitors.

5. Ace Hardware

There are a variety of franchise options when choosing the best franchises. If you are interested in fitness or food, you could also go into the hardware business.

Ace Hardware is a very recognizable home improvement store franchise. It’s known for good customer service and a good selection of home-improvement tools.

It offers store-brand products and plenty of affordable prices. This helps it to compete with mega improvement stores that provide many of the same things.

This is another franchise that is always going to be in demand. Because of that, it is a worthwhile investment if you can find a desirable location.

How to Choose a Good Franchise

If you want to buy a franchise, you need to know where to start. This is where research is necessary to pick the right franchise for success.

There are resources available when it comes to helping you find franchise opportunities. The first thing you need to look for is the current demand consumers have.

This dictates what is going to be successful for the time being. You should also look for things that have been in demand on a consistent basis.

For instance, going into a food franchise is more reliable than a specialty franchise. You also want to pick a franchise that is in demand in a variety of locations.

This ensures that you will find the right place to open your franchise where business will be good. If it is too specialized, you may not be able to find the right location with low competition.

Best Franchises for Entrepreneurs in 2023

If you want to get into business in 2023, you may be looking at the best franchises. Some of the best franchises available right now include McDonald’s and Planet Fitness.

You also need to find the right location for your franchise where the demand is high.

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Written by Joshua White


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