5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing the Right WordPress SMTP Plugin


Suppose you have just launched your brand website and are excited to introduce it to your loyal and potential customers through emails, but as soon as you hit the sending button, you notice some unfortunate situation. Like your emails end up in a spam folder, or worse, they never reached their intended recipients. Naturally, frustration kicks in, and you will start looking for a better option not to face such situations anymore.

The SMTP plugin for WordPress is the ultimate solution, but before opting for any SMTP plugin available in the market, let’s understand what key things you should consider. Let’s dive in!

What is WordPress SMTP Plugin?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a standard protocol for sending emails over the Internet.

SMTP Plugin for WordPress acts as a tool that provides you with a secure and efficient way to send your emails. Although the WordPress website has a default email system, integrating this plugin lets you connect your website with an external SMTP server to better control email settings and enhance email deliverability.

Why is the SMTP Plugin for WordPress Essential?

We know that the WordPress website has its default emailing system, so you must consider why to use the SMTP plugin for WordPress. So let’s explore some of its benefits that make it an essential plugin for WordPress:

  • This plugin integrates with transactional email service and lets you take advantage of additional features and flexibility for email communication.
  • Detailed email logging allows you to track sent emails for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Optimize email sending process for faster service and improve overall performance.
  • This plugin is designed to handle large email lists or send bulk emails efficiently.
  • Reducing the chances of ending your email in recipients’ spam folders.
  • Its authentication features, like OAuth, help you add extra layers of security.
  • It also lets you customize sender information, allowing you more control over how your email appears to recipients.

Things to Consider When Choosing the SMTP Plugin

When many options are available, it may be confusing for you to pick the best one as you don’t know which one is more influential and will navigate you toward a successful journey. So we bring you some key aspects that help you to analyze the best SMTP plugin for your WordPress website and ensure advanced functionality.

1.     Compatibility

The first key thing for choosing any SMTP plugin for WordPress is its compatibility with your WordPress version. WordPress offers continuous updates that make compatibility more significant to guarantee smooth functionality. Before selecting any SMTP plugin, check the documentation for information about supported WordPress versions of your options.

Also, check its compatibility with other active plugins & themes on your website because some plugins sometimes cause conflicts when working together, resulting in errors. So when you have a perfectly compatible SMTP plugin for your website, you can ensure a hassle-free experience.

2.     Features

Features of SMTP plugins can be game changers in making your emailing process efficient. Here are a few key features to look for:

❖      East-Configuration

The plugin should have an easy-to-use interface that lets the user efficiently configure SMTP settings without the help of any technical expert.

❖      Secure Authentication

Go for a plugin that supports authentication like SSL, OAuth, or API keys. These authentication approaches confirm secure email delivery and lessen the risk of ending emails as spam.

❖      Email Logging

Choosing an SMTP plugin for WordPress offering email logging will benefit users as they can easily review the sent email status, track errors, and detect any problem that may arise.

❖      Error Notification

Look for a plugin that has a feature of notifying users if any failure occurs in email delivery.

❖      SMTP Service Compatible

Always opt for the SMTP plugin that supports SMTP services like Gmail, Outlook, or any other service you plan to use.

3.     Support

Choosing a plugin with the right support ensures you can get assistance when needed. As we know that prompt responses are crucial to address inquiries and issues on time. Also, detailed documentation and a knowledge base are valuable resources allowing users to set up plugins and troubleshoot common problems independently. Along with this, many plugins offer premium support for complex requirements and customized experiences.

4.     Price

Another essential factor to consider is pricing when choosing the right SMTP plugin for WordPress. Each plugin comes with a significant cost but varies from option to option. So before making the final decision, consider whether you are willing to invest in a premium one or free-version will be great for you. Free versions are good in many ways, but they may have limitations like fewer features or restricting numbers of email sendings. So the best way is to check your chosen SMTP plugin company’s pricing plan, assess each based on features and functionality, and pick one that fulfills your requirements in a decided budget.

5.     Community Rating

Community rating is also a significant factor when choosing a WordPress SMTP plugin. As we know, every business implements a rating and review system to get their clients’ feedback, so it can be a great source to see the rating of plugins in the user community. It also helps you better understand your chosen plugin’s performance, reliability, and overall experience. If the ratings are positive, it clearly indicates that the plugin is well-received and has met the expectation of its users, but negative ratings are an open sign that you should think twice before making the final decisions.


Although there are many vital things that any user should consider before opting for the best SMTP plugin, the five highlights in this blog are the most important ones. It will make you understand the ground circumstances and be ready to make sound decisions that resonate entirely with your WordPress website requirements. So be prepared to analyze the SMTP plugin market and pick the best one for you!