5 Interesting Vaping Facts You Need to Know

Smoking is still a hot topic after all of these years, and there are numerous products that are readily available on the market. Of course, many people prefer cigarettes while others tend opt for cigars. One of the most sought-after products that money can buy is known as an electronic cigarette, and this device can be purchased in a variety of blends. 

Vaping is the official term for the use of e-cigarettes as well as vape pens, like the famous Geek Bar. Geek Bar Vapes has your vaping needs covered, and the brand sells disposable pod devices. Some of the most popular flavors will come in green mango, blueberry ice, sour apple, and menthol. 

The process of vaping is simple as the device heats up nicotine and flavoring, which creates an aerosol that can be inhaled. 

Vaping also exposes the user to less toxins while traditional cigarettes are known to have over 7,000 toxins. This could include toxins such as ammonia, methanol, and other chemicals. Vaping appears to be much more tolerable in a myriad of establishments, especially when being compared to other tobacco-related products. So, is vaping actually safer than smoking? 

Interesting Facts That Consumers Need to Know

1. Lower your risk of cancer via vaping. Reports show that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking a standard cigarette. This new era of smoking is a great choice for smoking cessation as long as the device doesn’t overheat. E-cig manufacturers have already ensured customers that the devices have protection mechanisms that will keep the e-cigs from reaching a maximum temperature. Your chance of developing cancer is dramatically reduced thanks to having lower amounts of chemicals additives. It is also better to purchase your vape products from recommended, trustworthy brands. Another rule of thumb is to always use the vape pen as it’s intended to be used because tampering with the device may cause it to overheat.

2. Less issues with oral care can be expected when opting for vaping over traditional cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes does a lot of damage to your organs and teeth. Consistent smoking has been shown to lead to tooth decay, gum recession, and dry mouth. High amounts of nicotine and tobacco can also stain your teeth via an ugly, yellow color. There aren’t any known reports via the yellowing of teeth from consistent use of e-cigarettes. 

3. No more headaches about nicotine poisoning. Anyone can use their internet browser to research the symptoms and fatalities of having too much nicotine in your system. The benefits of vaping can actually help you keep track for your nicotine consumption. Consumers can get a ton of valuable information from online sources to visiting physical locations. These sources can provide information for nicotine quantities as well as different nicotine strengths that will vary per brand. Modern-day e-liquids can now be purchased free of nicotine. 

4. Vaping will not prevent oxygen saturation via carbon monoxide. Of course, traditional cigarettes are loaded with carbon monoxide thanks to the excess amounts of tobacco that’s found in the product. Carbon monoxide via tobacco can be extremely harmful to your respiratory tract as it will reduce the blood’s oxygen level. This happens because carbon monoxide tends to bind to red blood cells faster the binding to oxygen. Issues with a person’s blood flow can transpire from having too much carbon monoxide in your bloodstream. 

On the other hand, standard e-cigarettes do not possess any carbon monoxide. This substance can also be prohibited by the device’s type of vaporizer. The malfunctioning and incorrect combustion of dangerous substances can generate carbon monoxide. The vapor that’s produced by the vaporizer is much healthier than the smoke that is generated from cigarettes. This means that users shouldn’t have any issues with their bloodstream. 

5. No secondhand side effects is the name of the game. Everyone knows that the smoke that’s generated from cigarettes can be harmful to anyone that’s in close proximity. Consistent inhalation of secondhand smoke can raise your chances for heart disease by up to 30%. This equates to nearly 34,000 premature deaths each year in the U.S. Vaping tricks the brain into give you that feeling of smoking.

The passive smoke that’s generated from the vaporizer is far less dangerous because it’s actually warm steam. There is no danger of carbon monoxide, and there’s no unpleasant smell. All users of vaping should still be careful by not excessively using the product. Overzealous behavior while consuming anything can be a problem even for the healthiest of person.

Better Value?

When comparing vaping to smoking, the user can expect to save more money on the backend of the deal. The upfront cost for the device itself should deliver a better return on investment.