5 Important Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

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Wondering what questions to ask a divorce lawyer?

It’s always a good idea to go into your initial consultation with divorce questions in mind. That way, you get the information you need and can make the best choice for your future.

Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what questions to ask. After all, it’s not likely you’ve gone through this many times before.

Here are 5 key questions to ask a divorce attorney before hiring them.

1. Why Do I Need an Attorney?

This might seem like a weird question to ask. But it’s a great way for a divorce lawyer to open up about his or her process and explain why you need one in the first place.

It’s not uncommon for simple divorces to be done without an attorney. But if you’re unsure if you need a lawyer or not, asking this question can help you see whether it’ll be worth it or not. And it can help you see right away the type of person you might be hiring.

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2. How Will You Communicate?

There are many benefits of hiring a chicago divorce lawyer, but one newer one is access to them throughout the process. Many firms and solo lawyers are now incorporating technology into their practice, making it easier and faster to get you the result you want.

Ask about their communication process on day one. You want someone who will work on behalf of you, keep you in the loop, and be there if you have questions. If you don’t get a concrete answer, move onto the next one.

3. How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

It varies by state, but you can expect to pay up to five figures to get divorced. Budgeting for the future and paying the bills now are both important, so be sure to ask about price, too.

Settling for the cheapest lawyer is not the best option. But it could be a tie-breaker if you find several people you like.

4. Who Will Be Involved With My Case?

Did you know as many as 50 percent of adults get divorced?

As bleak as that sounds, it means there’s a huge market for divorce attorneys. And that means for you, someone that’s wondering how to hire a divorce lawyer, you need to be cautious about who you hire.

Some firms take on so many cases that you’ll get stuck working with paralegals and assistants. If this is a dealbreaker for you, it’s better to know this information before you hire them.

5. Where Should I Start?

This last one is also one of the stranger questions to ask a divorce lawyer, but still a good idea. Asking what you should be doing now can help get the ball rolling—and give you early feedback on who might be worth hiring.

If a divorce attorney gives you a list of tasks to do that they should be doing, you might go with another. Or if their answer is vague, you might choose to go with someone who applies a more personal touch.

Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Bringing a few questions to ask a divorce lawyer into your initial consultation helps get the ball rolling and find the right attorney for you.

Of all the divorce questions you should ask, be sure to ask about price, process, and communication preferences. You want to leave having a good idea of what the future will hold.

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