Clear Aligners and Braces

You will understand that the reason for getting braces is not just because you’re the one who needs them but for the rest of your family as well. 

And, the fact that you must take care of your teeth is obvious. Your parents, family and close ones might be facing difficulties while eating and drinking as they do not really know what to do with your mouth while you have a really wide and bad set of teeth. 

And, they would not have a great memory to recollect that it was them who had to deal with the problems of your mouth.

Clear aligners and braces are both tools used to help straighten teeth and create a perfect smile. They both close gaps between teeth and realign teeth to create your ideal smile. If you have crooked teeth and are looking into what method, you should choose it can be tough. Clear aligners or clear teeth straighteners are very different to traditional braces even though they do similar or the same things, this article will go through 5 of the major differences.

  1. Wearability – unlike traditional braces, clear aligners can be removed on your own and at any time you want. Aligners are custom made for your teeth and mouth using BPA free plastics, so they’re comfortable and won’t irritate your gums or cheeks. While traditional braces can only be removed by an orthodontist and protrude out from the teeth, which is uncomfortable and can cause gum cuts, irritation and damage.
  1. Look – like mentioned in point 1, traditional braces protrude from your teeth making them ever visible. So not only are they uncomfortable they often make the wearer very self-conscious. Clear teeth straighteners on the other hand are smooth, clear and virtual unnoticeable. Like anything (including braces) they might feel a little weird at first to the user, but unlike braces you’ll be the only one to notice and difference.
  1. Cleaning is easier – clear aligners are easy to remove and can be cleaned with a toothbrush or specialist aligner or retainer cleaner. Additionally, keeping up with your oral hygiene is also easier and more effective without bulking braces and wiring covering your teeth. Being able to remove clear aligners when eating and brushing your teeth means food won’t get caught or stuck and you can brush and floss as normal.
  1. Eating is easier – eating is often limited with traditional braces. Hard foods that may cause the wires or braces to break have to be avoided and chewy foods are advised against as they can get stuck in-between the braces and wiring. Braces are also glued onto the teeth and eating something like an apple can be hard and painful.
  1. Cost and Maintenance – traditional braces cost around $6,000 and require constant maintenance and dental visits. This can be made worse if the braces break or the wiring comes out causing an unexpected trip to the dentist and additional costs. Depending on the brand, clear aligners can cost as little as $2,200 and don’t require regular visits to the dentist to progress the teeth straightening process. Which in the end, makes it a lot more convenient.

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