5 Best UI Design Tips to Follow While Designing a Mobile App

In the recently converted digital world, numerous mobile applications have created an environment of competition among themselves. The market demands apps more attractive and different from others. A simple and classic outlook of an app attracts users. But it is not easy to design such a magnificent app. It requires uninterrupted focus and immense dedication from both stakeholders and designers. This content will give you knowledge of the 5 best UI design tips to create an attractive mobile application.

Must follow the basics of designing:

To do any work, following the basics is the most compulsory thing to do. The basics of UI design are Navigation and Placement, Optimization for different devices, Provision of feedback, and limitation in usage of animations.

  • Navigation and Placement: 

Navigation is an obvious thing that should be allowed by using suitable signifiers and elements. The placement of this navigation is required to be made consistent and appear at the same place.

  • Optimization for different devices: 

App developers should always make a UI design that remains consistent with any device having different screen sizes and resolutions.

  • Provision of feedback: 

The users always need good guidance along with proper feedback about their actions. So, small interactions like this can get the app good ratings.

  • Limitation in the usage of animations: 

Animations are very attractive and entertaining. But they also delay in loading speed. So, a developer should insert a subtle range of animations.

Always use the core principles of UI:

While designing an app, you should keep in mind the main principles of UI. A well functional mobile interface always has a huge amount of data in a very limited space. So, there will be a maximum probability of losing track and making your work a mess. The core principles are:

  • Clarity: 

You should avoid unnecessary complexities while designing an app.

  • Consistency: 

Consistency across your application is important for your app.

  • Familiarity: 

A little familiarity with other apps is also necessary to make it comfortable for users.

  • Enough Space: 

You should give enough space for good readability and clean UI.

  • Appropriate contrast: 

Accurate primary, secondary, and tertiary color contrast often attracts more users.

Allow single task in a single screen:

Mobile phones have limited space. You should consider designing small size screens with one task at a time. Multiple actions on a single screen may destroy your design. Any Web Design Agency can help you to create hi-fi UI designs. They will advise you to allow every primary screen single-key action of real value to the users. This method will also allow you space to design, add, or build more things whenever necessary.

Use affordances and signifiers:

Affordances make you understand the relationship between the human mind and technology. They are essential for apps that are intuitive and user-friendly. When the affordances are functional, the signifiers hint at affordances. You should use appropriate signifiers so that users will not think about the function of UI elements. There are various kinds of affordances: Visual, Language, Pattern, Symbolic, and Negative.

Must abide by platform-based rules:

Different app designing platforms have different sets of rules for mobile app designing. iOS and Android are two platforms that have their own sets of regulations. Designers need to follow their platform-based rules. The standards set by them can help you to design your application and give it an impressive look.


The content that you read has the best 5 tips for UI designs of mobile applications. These tips can build an interactive mobile app. Apart from these 5 five tips, there are many other ways to build an attractive UI design. If you want to know more ways, you need to dig deeper.