Party Games for College Students

5 Best Party Games for College Students

In college, students have a lot of free time to kill. There are many opportunities for socializing and partying with your friends. One great way to bond with your friends is to play games in a group!

Here are 5 Best Party Games for College Students that can be played by a group of three or more people at a college party:

1) The Humans against the Zombies Game

This game requires at least 5 people. The humans are trying to survive against the zombies. There are 2 “type” of zombies: normal zombies that cannot talk and zombie leaders that can talk. The zombie leaders are immune to being killed until all of the normal zombies are dead.

The two teams are kept separate from each other. The humans cannot know who is a zombie and who isn’t a zombie until a human dies or the humans win.

Both teams can see each other’s “type” (normal zombies, zombie leaders) when they are in the same room. If someone from either team switches sides, all of the people who knew them can tell which type they are.

Once a human dies, they become a zombie and can only tell the other zombies their type when in the same room. Humans cannot tell if someone has switched sides or not.

If all of the humans die, every human becomes a zombie, and the game ends in a draw. If all of the zombie leaders die before all of the normal zombies die, the humans win.

2) Werewolf/Mafia

This game requires at least 5 people. This is a classic party game that has been played for decades. There are 3 “type” of people: villagers who can only use their eyes to see, werewolves who kill one person every night, and mafia members who can talk. For essay assistance, kindly find more at

Every night, everyone closes their eyes except for the mafia members and the werewolves, who are allowed to open their eyes. The mafia members select one person to kill during that night by pointing at them. Then everyone opens their eyes again in the morning. If a werewolf points at someone when they are opening their eyes, that person dies and turns into a werewolf.

Everyone can see who is a villager and who isn’t when they are in the same room. If someone switches sides, all of the people who knew them can tell who is a villager or not. If a mafia member was killed one night, you could not know whether or not their selection was correct or incorrect.

There are two ways to win this game: the villagers can kill all of the mafia members, or the werewolves can kill all of the villagers before they discover who is a werewolf. If both teams have at least one member alive by dawn, it’s a draw.

3) The Ouija Board Game

This game requires at least 3 people. In this board game, the goal is to use a Ouija Board and go face-to-face with a spirit. Each participant gets three questions from the spirit. If they answer all of them correctly, everyone wins!

There are a few rules to this game: -If a question is answered incorrectly, the game ends, and everyone loses. -If a question isn’t answered after three tries, the game ends, and everyone loses. -The Ouija Board is not allowed to move around or touch any of the players or liquids (i.e., if someone spills something on the board, it’s over).

To play this game, you’ll need: -A Ouija Board (available on Amazon for $20+) -A piece of paper and a writing utensil to write down the questions and answers (it’s recommended that you label each column with “yes,” “no,” and “undecided”)

-A flat, clean surface to play it on (i.e., not on a moving table or anything like that)

4) Buzzword/Slang Term Bingo

This game requires at least 6 people. The goal is to get 5 in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) or 4 in a square.

There are two teams: the judge and everyone else. Every round, the judge writes down five buzzwords or slang terms on a whiteboard. If someone gets two in a row/square, or all 5 words are drawn by the end of that round, they win!

All of the words chosen must be appropriate for all audiences. Before starting this game, decide what your guidelines are! For example, you could have the judge choose one word from a TV show, one from a song, and so on.

5) The Price is Right Game

This game requires a least a few people – a number that varies depending on how many prizes you want to give away. It’s simple: everyone pays $1 for every item they’d be willing to purchase.

Everyone writes down their top three items they’d be willing to buy, and the prize pot is split between those who guessed correctly for each individual item (i.e., if you guess something correctly but miss the other two guesses, you only get $1). If there are multiple winners, it’s divided up proportionately.